Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough Guide – 100% Flowchart Completion

The Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough Guide is for uncovering every hidden clue and collectibles as well as taking all the possible paths in the ‘Stormy Night’ chapter of Detroit: Become Human. Never miss out on anything again with our 100% completion guide for the particular chapter in the game.

Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough

Head down below to see which set of choices get you which ending in this chapter where your play as the Deviant Kara caught between the conflict of a father and his daughter.

Remember, some of the actions will only be possible when you play on Extreme difficulty. The scene starts as you, Kara, serve Todd and Alice their dinner and wait for them to finish their meal.

You can observe the conversation by pressing L1 that will give you an insightful look at it. As the conversation gets heated up, Todd becomes angry and shouts at Alice who runs up the stairs.

This is where the paths that the chapter can take diverge.

  • The shortest path to completion in the chapter is when you obey Todd’s command that is to stay still while he runs up and commits the horrifying murder of his young daughter before coming back down to eliminate Kara as well. Not a good ending by any means.
  • There is a slight variation to this ending a well when you press the L1 button to become deviant but do not head upstairs and instead make your way to the kitchen. The same result is achieved as the previous ending.

The most significant endings result from your action of becoming a deviant by pressing L1 and then mashing the X button to either head upstairs or speak with Todd.

Speaking with Todd and reasoning with him.

  • This choice will allow Todd to reach Alice before you do. When you choose to speak with him, he will push you to the ground and head upstairs.
  • Now if you managed to take the gun back in Chapter 4, you will be able to use it here to defend Alice against her father.
  • Using this gun, either Kara or Alice shoots Todd depending on your choice. You will then be able to escape along with Alice on a bus.
  • If however, you don’t have a gun, you’ll engage in an unarmed melee combat which will result in Todd getting stunned no matter how the actual fight goes. You can now either escape in time or carry out the quick time events to get on the bus with Alice. Alternatively, you could miss the bus that will lead Todd to breaking Kara apart and seizing control of Alice.
  • On Experienced difficulty, an additional option opens up when Todd will be able to catch and break Kara after initially getting stunned in combat. He may also have an option to eliminate Kara if you fail the quick time event after stunning him.

Head upstairs before Todd and protect Alice.

  • Instead of reasoning with Todd downstairs, head up to reach Alice before him. Now choose to enter Alice’s room or stand in the corridor to block Todd’s path and prepare for the same fighting options as the ‘Reason with Todd’ scenario.
  • You can hide in Alice’s room and wait for Todd to pass by it at which point you’ve got to look for another room to seek refuge in. If you fail during any point during this, you will have to engage in melee combat as the previous scenario.
  • Hiding successfully though will lead you to the chapter’s best ending. After seeing Todd pass by, make the escape via the front door and complete the quick time event. Quickly make your way to the bus down the street to avoid Todd and ride the bus to safety along with Alice.
  • An alternative path you can take is lock the door when you enter Alice’s room and prepare to fight Todd in unarmed combat. However, if you discovered the way out in ‘A New Home’, you’ll be able to escape via the window and make your way through the gutters and to the bus if you managed to carry out all the quick time events correctly.

This is all we have in our Detroit: Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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