Detroit: Become Human Shades of Color Walkthrough Guide – 100% Completion, Retrieving Package, Heading Home

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The Detroit: Become Human Shades of Color Walkthrough Guide is for triggering all the possible endings along with 100% completion of the Become Human Shades of Color chapter in Detroit: Become Human.

Play as Markus in this third chapter of the game and find out all there is to know about this particular scene in the game from David Cage.

Detroit: Become Human Shades of Color Walkthrough

Unlike most scenarios in Detroit: Become Human, this particular one does not require multiple playthroughs. Just one would be enough to unlock all secrets and collect all bits of information.

Therefore, follow the instructions below and uncover all there is to it:

  • As soon as you start the chapter, make sure to scan the table in front of you. This will lead you to a magazine collectible. Do not forget to scroll down and read both pages of the magazine to make sure you have the collectible. Read both ‘Secrets of Android’ and ‘Climate Change-Up’.
  • Make your way across the street to stare at the hot dog vendor. Stick around for a little while in front of the vendor until the owner pushes you way.
  • Proceed to the plaza where you hear Busker sing. He will be near a fountain in the area.
  • Move forward and you will come across a preacher warning the people about androids and the impending doom. You will be able to view him by pressing L1 as you make your way to the paint shop. Keep looking at him until he pays attention to you and yells something.
  • Follow the waypoint to the Paint shop and purchase to collect the required package.
  • You will then be attacked by some protesters as part of a scripted scene and eventually take the bus back to your home.

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