Detroit: Become Human Partners Walkthrough Guide – 100% Completion, Bar Visit, Crime Scene, Reporting To Hank

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In this Detroit: Become Human Partners Walkthrough Guide, we will guide you on how to complete the sixth chapter in the main story of Detroit: Become Human. We will share with you all the things that are required for completing the chapter 100% without leaving anything out and as quickly as possible.

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Detroit: Become Human Partners Walkthrough

Partners is the sixth chapter in the main story of the game. In this chapter, you will be controlling Connor who gets a chance to develop a strong bond with his partner Hank.

In the first chapter of the game, if Connor dies then these chapters will be in retrospect and you will be still playing as Connor.

Detroit: Become Human is now out on PS4 exclusively and Quantum Dream is back with another stellar title. In Detroit: Become Human, you will be taking control of three different androids for different purposes.

It is your task to help them achieve their goals in the best way possible. The game offers you various dialogue options, which shape the story of the game based on the choices that you make.

This chapter has two endings so for 100% completion, we will guiding you below in detail. If you follow our guide, you will easily unlock all markers for your flowchart as well.

Bar Visit

As soon as the chapter starts, head inside the bar to look for LT. Anderson. You will be able to complete many activities inside the bar.

Start with scanning the faces of different customers sitting inside the bar. Press R2 and then triangle to scan faces. Scan all the customers first and then scan Hank to unlock a marker.

Have a conversation with Hank to create a good reputation with him. Be polite, pleasant and behave like a human being as much as possible to make him form a good opinion of yourself, as it will affect the end of the story.

When you get the option, spill his drink on him or simply wait outside to have him go to the crime scene. Later opt for buying him another drink to leave a good impression on him.

Crime Scene Investigation

When you arrive at the crime scene with Hank, you will be tasked with inspecting different things here.

Some of these items are actually linked with story progression, however; some of the items only count to the flowchart. Start with the Eden Club Flyer. It is present on the table. Inspect the drugs Red Ice lying next to the television.

The victim, Carlos’s body is also lying in the living room. Locate the body and inspect it. After gathering enough clues, you can reconstruct his last moments to help you formulate the crime.

You can also sample the blood lying next to the body on the floor. It will be of Carlos’s.

Head to the nearby closet and inspect it for clues. There is a magazine on the floor as well. Pick it up and read the articles Android Sex and Android Spy.

Afterward, head to the kitchen and check the turned over chair lying there. There is a baseball bat lying in the kitchen as well. Pick it up and inspect it for clues. Once you have enough clues gathered, you can reconstruct the crime using the bat.

Look for the missing knife on the kitchen floor and inspect the blood on it. There are also some blood spatters on the wall of the house, inspect them. Check the shower and the statue in it for some extra conversation options in The Interrogation.

At this point, if you are taking a long time, Hank will become impatient and will want to leave the place. If your relationship with him is good, you can ask him to stay for some time.

However, if your relationship with him is not good, Hank will refuse to stay and will not allow you to inspect more items. This will lead to the Crime Unsolved Ending.

Reporting to Hank

When you get more time to inspect the crime scene, inspect the writing on the wall and then finally inspect the backyard. You will learn that the Deviant did not use the backyard to escape.

Once you have inspected all the possible clues, it is time to report your findings to Hank.

If you manage to complete all the clues, you will be able to tell Hank exactly what had happened. Otherwise, you will fail the investigation and ruin your reputation with Hank and Amanda.

If you have found all the clues and can successfully reconstruct the crime scene, you will get to find the Deviant.

To find the Deviant android, simply follow the blue blood trail, which is leading to the attic. Use the stairs to go up and find the Deviant in the attic. This will complete the chapter partners.

This concludes our Detroit: Become Human Partners Walkthrough Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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