Detroit: Become Human From the Dead Walkthrough Guide – 100% Flowchart Completion

The Detroit: Become Human From the Dead Walkthrough Guide is for helping you out to achieve 100% completion in ‘From the Dead’ chapter of Detroit: Become Human. There is not much for choice here, but you still need to explore the areas.

Detroit: Become Human From the Dead Walkthrough

In this short chapter, you play as Marcus who is lying down there in the mud while it rains heavily. As the chapter starts, you will be prompted to mash buttons to wake up Marcus and scan his body.

You will be then allowed to attach two new leg replacements in the place of the damaged ones after you have done the fair amount of crawling.

Make your way through all the androids, both dead ones and alive, all the while searching for parts that Marcus can use to repair himself anew.

You will be able to use something for the head region, something for vision and an audio unit making scanning easier.

Lastly, you will need a pump unit if you are to move up the hill. You can find it either by searching through the yard and grab one from the deactivated androids.

Alternatively, you could be a little mean and fight a live android for it. Either way, getting the pump unit will be the final repair that Marcus is going to need to function properly.

In the final section of the chapter, you will have the job of pressing the buttons as prompted on-screen to ascend the hill. Afterward, you will have to perform more quick time events to allow Marcus to get rid of the tracker on his head. Now, start your journey into the outer unknown!

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