Detroit Become Human And Dreams Not Confirmed for 2017, It Was A Mistake By Marketing Team, Says Shuhei Yoshida

2017 is upon us and Sony recently released a video detailing PlayStation 4 games that players can look forward to in 2017. The video included many titles including Horizon Zero Dawn along with Detroit Become Human and Dreams.

However, Sony Worldwide Studios Boss Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that Detroit Become Human and Dreams are not confirmed for 2017. When a fan asked Yoshida “this trailer list Dreams/Detroit as 2017 games. Is this a mistake from marketing or is 2017 confirmed?” to this he replied that it is “a mistake, thanks”. Well, that’s one way to crush our hopes.

Quantic Dream is known for creating games with complex narratives and Detroit Become Human is going to be no different. According to Quantic Dream boss, David Cage, it took more than 2 years to complete the script for the game.

I’ve just finished the script for Detroit. It took me more than two years, and that’s working around six days a week. It’s probably 20 times more complex than anything we’ve ever done. It’s a lot for one brain to handle.

He further added that while the script was complicated, but other developers helped him very much find and remove any loophole in the script.

In the past, Quantic Dream has pushed the PS3 to its limits with their games and it seems that they will be doing the same with PlayStation 4. Recently, Quantic Dream boss David Cage shared some details regarding Detroit Become Human game engine, and how it is benefiting the game.

We wanted to push the limits with Detroit and have an engine that would offer us more features regarding cinematography in particular. So we wanted to work on realistic lighting, especially. So we developed an entirely new engine from scratch pretty much.

Detroit Become Human is a PlayStation 4 exclusive game, and no release date for the game has been announced yet.

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