Report: Detroit Become Human Has Cost Over $30M In Development

Le Monde, a French newspaper has reported that Quantic team is working on their new game Detroit Become Human which has cost them over 30 million during development till now. They have also revealed the numbers for the studio’s last project, Beyond: Two Souls, which had a budget of 24.7 Million Euros, which is lesser than Detroit.

Heavy rain is another game from the studio which was a huge success and sold around 5.3 million copies and earned multiple awards. At Digital Dragons 2013 it was announced that the team earned around 100 million euros from that game in particular. So spending 30 million on the upcoming game looks promising because of the success of their previous games.

Detroit Become Human is the biggest project from Quantic Dream Studio. When Detroit Become Human was announced, players were fascinated by the incredible facial animations, branching story paths, and ambiguous characters. The stunning realism showed in the game, the unforgiving substances of man versus machine, awareness versus essential response, right versus wrong. All depending on the choices you make the story evolves around that, The dualistic nature driven hard into the games system immediately captured the eyes of PlayStation players everywhere throughout the world.

Detroit Become Human is set to release this year in May. The games story plot revolves around three protagonist androids named Kara, Connor, and Marcus. All of these characters surviving is the main issue and focus of the game. Players will be able to play from different perspectives with different players just like they did in the Heavy Rain. As one will go down you’ll take over the next one to continue the game further with complex decisions depending on you. You can see all the playable characters shown in the trailer here.

The writer and director David said during the announcement of the game that ”Detroit is by far the most ambitious title by Quantic dream, With this game, we wanted to push our limits by creating the most customizable game we have ever made, Your actions have consequences.”

Detroit Become Human is releasing on 25 May and is exclusive to PlayStation 4.

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