Report: Detroit Become Human Cost 30 Million Euros To Produce

Making AAA titles is not cheap these days and it takes millions of dollars for a studio to develop one and according to a report, the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Detroit Become Human cost 30 million Euros to be produced.

According to a French newspaper, Le Monde, Detroit Become Human cost a total of 30 million Euros. According to the report, Quantic Dream’s previous title, Heavy Rain, sold around 5.3 million copies and Sony made over 100 million Euro from that game alone.

According to Quantic Dream, Detroit Become Human offers a certain freedom in terms of storytelling and gameplay that sets it apart from Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain.

According to lead writer Adam Williams, “If you think about the principles of Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain in terms of intuitive gameplay and engaging storytelling, and compare them to Detroit, you will realize that this is a giant leap in both areas”.

Not only that the game will feature 3 times more choices compared to Heavy Rain. According to David Cage, there are so many alternate paths that two people might face a scenario where one is talking about its experience and the other doesn’t have a clue about what he/she is saying.

He further noted that the choices that players will face will not be simply good or bad, violent or pacifist but, the choices will have a deeper impact where players will have to follow their own morality paths that may lead to unexpected consequences.

Detroit Become Human will touch a number of subjects in its narrative and Quantic Deams is known for having scenes in the game that some consider them controversial. However, it seems that the studio is trying to avoid any controversy with upcoming title.

According to David Cage, the team removed some scenes from Detroit: Become Human because of their extremely controversial nature.

I canceled a couple of scenes where I felt the meaning could be interpreted wrongly. It was a very interesting thing for me because it made me realize that with Detroit: Become Human, that we are dealing with very meaningful things and that you need to be careful and be respectful and pay attention to what you have to say.

Furthermore, the game will also be pushing the PS4 to its limits in terms of graphics and features and in order to achieve that, the studio developed the game engine from the scratch.

Currently, no release date has been announced for Detroit: Become Human but the game is expected to launch in 2018 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: Gamepur

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