Detroit: Become Human A New Home Walkthrough

With the help of our Detroit: Become Human A New Home Walkthrough Guide, you will be able to attain 100% completion of A New Home flowchart.

In this Detroit: Become Human A New Home Walkthrough Guide, we will guide you on how to complete the fourth chapter in the main story of Detroit: Become Human. We will share with you all the things that are required for completing the chapter 100% without leaving anything out and as quickly as possible.

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Detroit: Become Human A New Home 100% Walkthrough

Detroit: Become Human is now out on PS4 exclusively and Quantum Dream is back with another stellar title. In Detroit: Become Human, you will be taking control of three different Androids with different purposes. It is your task to help them achieve their goals in the best way possible.

The game offers you various dialogue options that shape the story of the game based on the choices that you make.

Detroit: Become Human (4)
A New Home is the fourth chapter in the main story of the game. In this chapter, you will be controlling Kara who will arrive at Todd and Alice’s house and she must gain the trust of Alice. She will need to completely clean two floors of the house along with some other small chores to complete the chapter. We have detailed everything that needs to be done below:

A New Home 100% Walkthrough

Watch the starting cutscene, when you get in control leave the car and follow Todd inside the house. When inside the house, you will get your first task of cleaning the first floor.

  • First Floor
  • Second Floor
  • Conversation with Alice

First Floor

Before you actually start with the cleaning, you can read a magazine placed on the dining room table. Find the magazine, pick it up, and read the two articles i.e. Android Power and Connecting the Dots in it.

Now collect all the dishes on the dining table and take them to the sink. Wash the dishes. Once you are done with the dishes, head to the back door of the house and go in the backyard.

In the backyard, find the laundry basket and the clothes hanging on the line. Alice will shortly come out of the house to talk with you. Wait until she comes out and speaks with you. Once the conversation is over, grab all clothes from the line, put them in the basket, and carry them inside to the laundry room.

Put the clothes in the washing machine to find some Red Ice.

Detroit: Become Human (7)
As soon as you discover the Red Ice on Todd’s clothes, he will storm in the laundry room and yell at Kara. Now it is time for some revenge.

Once Todd has yelled at you and gone back to watch the television, go and stand in front of him, blocking his view of the screen. This will make Todd angry and he will start yelling at you again.

Once you have messed with Todd, head towards the vacuum cleaner located on the left side of the television. You just have to turn it on, as it will clean the floor on its own. Now your final task on the first floor is to take out the trash. Before you can take out the trash, you must first find it on the floor.

For finding the trash, you can press R2 to scan the floor. Scanning will make finding the trash much easier for you.

There are three pieces of trash on the floor; some trash pieces are located on the kitchen counter, some on the top of the dishwasher while some of it is on the table in the living room. You can scan the area as much as you like to quickly find all the trash.

Once you have collected all the trash on the ground floor, take it outside. After you are done with these tasks, report to Todd and he will tell you to go upstairs now.

Second Floor

Head upstairs and enter Todd’s room. It is the master bedroom and is the first room once you go up the stairs. You need to interact with nearly everything here to tidy up the room. Make the bed, clean the shelves, and papers and pick up the guitar to put it in the right place.

You can scan the room and it will show you all the available options that you can interact with.

Apart from these things, you must also check the bottle of pills next to Todd’s Bed at the nightstand. Check the gun inside the nightstand as it can have an effect on the story in later chapters of the game.

There is a magazine sitting on the cupboard near the door, pick it up and read Android QB and Putting a Price. At some time cleaning Todd’s room, you will notice Alice heading to her room. This is triggered when you tidy up the bed.

When you are done with Todd’s room, head to the toilet to clean it. It is located across Todd’s room. Now head to the bathroom at the end of the hallway and clean it up as well. You will need to arrange the bottles, tidy up the dirty clothes and mop the floor. Once you are done with the bathroom, head to Alice’s room.

Detroit: Become Human (9)
In Alice’s room, you will be required to make up bed. After making her bed, go to the window, and open it up to discover a potential escape route for the future.

Find the book on the floor in Alice’s room marked ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and read it. You can also read some books present in the bookshelf between the bed and the door. Once you have completed all the cleaning tasks, you can now speak with Alice.

Conversation with Alice

The conversation with Alice unlocks only after you have completed all previous chores. If for some reason, you cannot speak with her then it means that you have missed a task. Go back to each room and carefully scan them to make sure that all tasks are complete.

While speaking with Alice, you will have to pick some choices. Here, you can decide what sort of relationship you want with Alice.

Detroit: Become Human (6)
If you want a good relationship to start with her, you must pick these choices during the conversation:


These choices will make Alice like you and she will give you a key. If you want to start a bad relationship with Alice, pick all the options opposite to the ones mentioned above.

Once the conversation is over, you will be required to open a box in her room. You can press R2 to look for the box and inspect the items inside using the key Alice gave you. Once you have inspected the items inside, you are done with all tasks for this chapter. Go back to Todd downstairs and watch the cutscene.

There is no alternate ending to this chapter. This will conclude the A New Home chapter of Detroit: Become Human.

This concludes our Detroit: Become Human A New Home Walkthrough Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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