Details On Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Dusk Lycanrock Released

After a number of rumors, Nintendo has officially revealed the new form of Lycanroc coming to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon when the game launches in November on Nintendo 3DS and hopefully Nintendo Switch.

This new form of Lycanroc, Dusk Lycanroc, shares similarities with both the Midday form and the Midnight form of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon and because of that, it only evolves from a special Rockruff. The combination of similarities also extends to the movies it can learn including Accelerock and Counter.

Details On Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Dusk Lycanrock

Dusk Lycanroc has a pretty unique look and personality. When it attacks, its eyes turn red. It also combines the look of both the other types, with four rocks around its neck to represent the Midday Lycanroc while a mane on its head resembles the Midnight Lycanroc.

Dusk Lycanroc seems to prefer close quarters combat and uses Counter a lot when the battle gets touch, allowing it to inflict double the damage received by an opponent’s physical attack. A unique move to Dusk Lycanroc is the Tough Claws ability which increases the power of any move that makes direct contact with the opponent.

As mentioned earlier, only a special form of Rockruff can evolve into Dusk Lycanroc and sadly neither this Rockruff nor the evolved Dusk Lycanroc can be captured from the wild. Instead, this special Rockruff will be available as a free gift to those who purchase the game early. Anyone who pre-orders Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon or buys it before 10th January 2018 will be able to get this unique Rockruff from the Nintendo Network.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon is currently scheduled to release on 17th November exclusively for Nintendo 3DS family. An official strategy guide for the game has already been announced and is available for pre-order. Hopefully, it contains some more information regarding this new Lycanroc form.

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