Here Are Some Details About The Battlefield 5 Grand Operations Maps

In a game that is based around fighting a global war, both Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5 have various game modes that help players to be able to feel like they’re part of the experience. The Battlefield 5 Grand Operations maps are no exception, and we’ve got the details for all six of them.

Grand Operations, much like the Operations game mode in Battlefield 1, puts players in the action as part of various offensives throughout the war. Winning or losing these operations, depending on what side you’re on, could either ensure that history remains on its correct course, or can change things to a certain extent.

The various Battlefield 5 Grand Operations maps will be taking place in a variety of areas of the world like Norway’s Narvik and Fjell 457, Holland’s Rotterdam 1 and Devastation, and Africa’s Halfaya Pass and Foxhunt, each a location of a certain important part of the war. Each Grand Operation stage will take place across two real-world days for a total of four, and they’ll keep coming in a cycle after each one.

Each day of a Grand Operation will also have special things happening during the battle, such as fighting with lower health or without vehicles. This will likely cause players to have to fight in an entirely different way in order to claim victory, and who knows what sorts of situations you’ll be forced into.

The Battlefield 5 Grand Operations will come along with the other, more regular Battlefield multiplayer maps and a similar War Stories mode to Battlefield 1, following less of a unified plot and more of a series of anecdotes from various soldiers around the globe.

Hopefully we’ll actually be getting some gameplay of these maps sometime soon in the future, but until then we’ll have to wait for DICE to give us all the details they can before the game releases for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on October 19.