Destruction AllStars Trophies Guide

In this guide for Destruction AllStars, we will lay out all the trophies in the game as well as the description of each trophy and what you need to do to make it all yours.

Destruction AllStars Trophies

There aren’t many trophies to collect in AllStars meaning that getting the Platinum trophy should be quicker than other games.

Some of the Trophies feature specific modes and they might be hidden; we will go over all of these.

General and Hidden Trophies

The General Trophies are by far the easiest to unlock as their requirements are pretty straightforward. There are 4 General Trophies, each requiring you to do the following:

  • AllStar: Win 50 online matches
  • Checking out the competition: Win 1 match with each AllStar
  • The Hero We Don’t Deserve: Destroy Hero Opponent Vehicle in an online match
  • Wreckognised: Obtain S Rank Wreckognition Rating or higher.

Now let’s look into hidden trophies that might be the hardest to earn.

Some of these hidden trophies may require you to be playing as a certain character or be in a specific game mode, mainly online match.

There are 16 of these hidden trophies in Destruction AllStars, so let’s dig in.

Drive Sabre playing as Hana and slice two vehicles in an online match.

Chewed Up
Drive Shredder playing as Blue Fang and shred 3 cars in an online match.

Flame On
Use Wildfire playing as Lupita to set 3 Allstars on fire.

Let Fuego use Cerebrus to put an entire team on fire.

Use Cypher to deal 100 damage in stealth mode, take no damage in an online match.

Hit List
Xander must take 3 targets in single Xero’s X-ray shot in an online match.

Home Run
Twinkle Riot must wreck 3 enemies using Mr Sparkles breakers in an online game.

Ultimo Barricado must block 100 damage with Undisputed Shield in an online game.

Instant Service
Boxtop must attach 3 drone to enemies using Boxmobile.

No Escape
Ratu must kill a team with Barong’s Countdown in an online match.

Party Animal
Rescue needs to smoke 3 enemies with Smoke commander( online game).

Pitch Perfect
Harmony must wreck 3 enemies using CRASHendo in an online match.

Jian needs to spike 3 opponents at once using Morningstar in an online match.

Muna must keep a full shield in gravitation for 5 secs in an online match.

Terminal Velocity
Genesis needs to reach 135 MPH with Callisto in an online match.

Ultimate Precision
Requires Angelo Avello to take out 3 targets while using Number One’s lock, single time in an online match.

Single Player and Mixed

Wrecking Ball
Perform 100 Wrecks in any mode.

Complete all of Allstars objectives in a single session.

Ultimate Respect
Complete all of Allstars objectives in Ultimo Barricado Series.

Star and Cars Collide
Complete Mayhem Tutorial.

Detonate to Dominate
Complete Carnado Tutorial.

The Last All Star
Complete Grindgfall Tutorial.

Bankety Bank
Complete Stockpile Tutorial.

No Free Ride
Complete vehicle emote Tutorial.

On the basis of above, you will get Hall of Fame(Platinum) trophy! So, you need to complete all the above ones to get your hands on the Hall of Fame Platinum Trophy.