Destruction AllStars Tips and Tricks

Our Destruction AllStars Tips and Tricks guide takes a dig into all the essential beginner tips that you should know before you have a go at the brand-new Destruction AllStars.

Destruction AllStars Tips and Tricks

The all-new, action-driving game, Destruction AllStars is finally out on Playstation 5 and it has the players on the edges of their seats.

In this game, you basically have to pick a character (an AllStar) and engage in vehicular combat with several other players.

Destroying other players’ vehicles earns you points and the player with the most points is declared as the champion.

Below, you’ll find all the necessary tips that you should follow to grab that title.

So, let’s get started with some handy Destruction AllStars Tips and Tricks to help you win!

Basic How-tos
The interface of Destruction AllStars is extremely user-friendly. As you’ll find out, you can customize almost everything according to your liking.

For instance, by default, your controller’s microphone is turned on. You can mute it by tapping the small button below the PS button on your controller.

Similarly, to mute the microphones of other players in your lobby, you need to press the PS button and then tap square on the card alongside the voice chat.

Don’t Get Attached to Any Vehicle!
In Destruction Allstars, it’s best if you keep changing your vehicle according to what suits you during a match.

You can use a bulky vehicle for dishing out some considerable damage, or you can hop on a small one to dodge the obstacles quickly if you’re in a territory crowded with enemies.

Having a small vehicle can also come in pretty handy for increasing the precision of the hits that you land on the targets.

For instance, if you are chasing a large heavy car in a small speedy one, stay calm and when you get alongside it, make use of your side bump to deal a decent hit.

Also, don’t worry if you need to exit your hero vehicle as well – you’ll be able to call it in multiple times.

No Vehicle? No Problem, the Arena is Yours!
If somehow, an opponent pounces on your vehicle or the vehicle gets destroyed, and you’re left with no ride, don’t panic.

Scan your surroundings and look for something like a suspended platform. Once you find it, quickly go underneath it as it’ll protect you from enemy vehicles while you’re on foot.

Now, you need to keep moving between such platforms in order to find yourself a new car or if you wish to seize one from your opponents.

There are many upsides too of being on foot. For instance, in Gridfall Mode, spending some time on foot collecting shards at the onset of the match may be your best bet.

Later in the match, when the floor starts falling out, you will be needing those valuable shards for your special vehicle.

Getting KO’s and increasing life counts won’t be so easy then.

Another thing that you should keep in mind while on foot is that by running over blockers, you can raise them.

Thereby, you can make driving a lot more difficult for your enemies than it has to be.

However, keep in mind that the longer you stay on foot, the lesser the points that you make.

This is because, inside a vehicle, you’ll have better odds of annihilating the other vehicles.

Use Pickups to Turn the Tables on Your Opponents!
As you keep on exploring the arenas of Destruction Allstars, you’ll find plenty of diverse pickups that’ll boost your breakers (abilities).

You can collect shards from the platforms or make wall runs to charge your Hero Vehicle and Hero Breaker.

This way, you’ll be off to a good start in a match as your breakers will already be ready to be used.

Furthermore, there are Breaker pickups available as well, collecting five of which charge up your Hero Vehicles to the full.

So, you’ll be able to call in your Hero Vehicles, thereby making a possible comeback in the match in case you’ve suffered an early battle loss.

Additionally, Mayhem game mode offers you a powerup that grants you double points.

Do give those powerups a preference over the other pickups. In fact, Consider timing the pickup of these powerups with the placement of your special vehicle.

This allows you to pile up the points using your vehicle’s special ability.

Dodge instead of Jump!
When on foot, you’ll find dozens of vehicles coming driving towards you. Here, the best practice is not to jump but to dodge.

If you choose to jump, the best you’re going to get is your safety. However, on performing a successful dodge (by pressing circle), you’ll be able to jump on the top of the car.

Once on the top of the enemy’s car, you’ll have two choices: either take it or destroy it.

Therefore, dodging is very useful if you are in desperate need of a vehicle or you are looking to wreck some vehicles to accumulate some quick points.

Focus on Coordination in Team Games
In Stockpile and Carnado especially, teamwork and communication are fundamental to success.

In Stockpile, for instance, you need to select the right Allstar with his Hero Breaker to defend your banks and push the opponents off them.

Similarly, in Carnado, be wary of your opponent’s Hero Vehicles as they can store more gear than the Vehicles.

When you see their Hero Vehicles, make a timely strike to minimize your gains and your losses.

Make the Most Out of the Practice Mode!
In case you’re facing a bit of a difficulty in understanding the more competitive online multiplayer gameplay, you can always switch to the single-player by launching the Practice Mode.

In Practice Mode, you’ll be able to try out all 16 of the Allstars as well as get used to their unique abilities.

Moreover, you can also learn the dynamics of all four of the multiplayer game modes: Carnado, Stockpile, Mayhem, and Gridfall.

Finally, make sure to get yourself acquainted with the arenas and attempt new tactics in Practice Mode before you head back to multiplayer.

Attempt Challenge Series
Part of single-player Challenge Series allows you to learn about the background of a specific Allstar and get handsome rewards through a set of challenges.

Each challenge series has multiple challenges and you will have to compete against the featured Allstar’s rival to complete the whole challenge series.

The first challenge series in the game is Ultimo’s Challenge Series in which your aim will beat Ultimo’s rival, Jian.

Play Smart!
With so many competent drivers cruising in the arenas of Destruction AllStars, the quick-wit sure comes in handy.

For instance, when playing in Carnado, you need to stay patient about banking unless you have bagged at least 15 points.

The process will take a considerable chunk of your time and even if you lose your vehicle, the low amount stored in it won’t matter anyway.

Likewise, Carnado offers you points on hitting the tornado with your vehicle but although unstated, it is not required of you to be inside the vehicle when it happens.

So, what you need to do is accelerate in the direction of the tornado and when you’re sure that your car will hit it, eject.

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