Destruction AllStars’ ESRB Rating Confirms Microtransactions

Though it was already presumed, confirmation has arrived that Destruction AllStars will feature microtransactions when the vehicle-based battle royale game releases for PlayStation 5 this holiday season.

According to a listing by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) earlier today, Destruction AllStars will have “in-game purchases” which as noted above was pretty obvious from the beginning.

The game was recently revealed to bundle 10,000 All-Star Coins with its digital deluxe edition, which signaled the existence of some kind of in-game economy. While developer Lucid Games never confirmed if players will be able to purchase All-Star Coins with real-world currency, ESRB has ascertained that to be true.

Destruction AllStars will put players behind the wheel to smash their vehicles into each other. When enough damage causes vehicles to crash, their drivers will come out on foot with new skills and abilities to continue play.

With new modes added into the mix, it is easy to see how the game can be easily monetized. The yet-to-be detailed microtransactions will probably feature cosmetics for vehicles and players, as well as special effects for skills and abilities. There may even be emotes and taunts, but more importantly, the said microtransactions should not have any pay-to-win items in Destruction AllStars.

The vehicular combat game will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment as a launch title for PlayStation 5 on November 12, 2020. Like the other launch titles, Destruction AllStars will retail for $70 instead of $60. Expect many critics to throw flak on the developer and publisher to include microtransactions in a game that retails above what was the industry standard price for triple-a games.

Strangely enough, not much is known about the game apart from its announcement trailer and a reveal post by the developer. Lucid Games should be dropping more reveals and showcasing more mayhem in the weeks to come as the release window is just around the corner.

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