Destruction AllStars Characters and Breakers Guide

In our Destruction AllStars Characters Guide, we will help you know all about the roster’s abilities and what you can expect from them during the battle.

The new PlayStation 5 exclusive Destruction AllStars has finally arrived free for PS+ users and features a total of 16 playable characters with which you can cause havoc on the battleground with your friends.

Destruction AllStars Characters and Breakers

Each character in AllStars has its special ability called Breaker and a vehicle that has different abilities for every character.

Below are the Breaker and Vehicle abilities listed for every playable character available in Destruction AllStars.

Characters Abilities


  • Genesis has the fastest vehicle in the game that deals heavy damage to other vehicles when you enter the super-sonic mode.
  • When on foot, you can activate her Breaker ability to run faster and gather shards or wreck opponents’ vehicles.

Ultimo Barricado

  • Deploys a large shield on the front side of the car that stops any incoming damage and deals extra damage. However, you are still vulnerable from the back and sides of the car.
  • Becomes immune to any damage from other Allstars or vehicles when on foot.


  • Her vehicle leaves a blue trail of fire behind her that lights up other cars on fire if they go through it. Any on-foot AllStars will get KO’d if they touch the fire.
  • She will also leave a trail of fire on-foot when you activate the Breaker ability.


  • When in the vehicle, Shyft can go invisible and disappear from the enemy’s radars for a short period. The opponent can still see a glint of light from his vehicle.
  • The same can be done when on-foot with Shyft’s Breaker ability.

Blue Fang

  • Activates a metal-bladed shredder that deals immense damage to anything that comes in its way.
  • Any AllStar that touches Blue Fang when he’s on-foot gets instantly KO’d.


  • Boxtop’s Boxmobile attaches a drone to opponent’s vehicles when you hit their vehicle. This drone deals fire damage to their vehicle over time.
  • When on-foot, BoxTop drops parcels that heal your teammates when they go over them and knocks down your opponents.


  • Fuego vehicle breaker covers the Cerberus with fire that deals extra damage to the opponents when they come near it.
  • Barging will leave a big pool of fire in that area when Fuego’s Breaker is activated.


  • Hana vehicle special ability activates a metal blade that can easily knock down opponents with one hit.
  • Any on-foot AllStars will get KO’d instantly with one Barge.


  • Barong breaker activates a blast that damages the vehicles and AllStars near you.
  • Ratu breaker ability activates a concussion blast that will barge the nearby enemies.

Angelo Avello

  • Number One will lock onto one of the rival opponents and charge into them, resulting in massive damage.
  • Avello’s breaker ability will drop cameras around the area that will flash the enemies and blind their vision.

Twinkle Riot

  • Her vehicle, Mr.Sparkles, will activate bumpers that absorb the barges taken from the enemy vehicles and release a force pulse of the same power.
  • Her Breaker allows her to perform consecutive barges for a short period.


  • Jian’s vehicle ability covers the car with spikes that increase your damage and defense.
  • Jian will drop proximity mines while on-foot that deal explosive damage to any vehicles or AllStars in the vicinity.


  • Harmony’s Crashendo releases a supersonic blast of short-range but higher damage.
  • On-foot breaker ability releases a shockwave of longer range than that of the vehicle but with less damage.


  • Marks an opponent of the rival team that takes extra damage from your teammate and rewards you with points if they get destroyed.
  • Activates a vision of opposing enemies, allies, and objectives. He also leaves a trail of hazard behind him.


  • Makes an invisible shield around his car that is made with the metal found nearby. This shield protects your vehicle from any damage.
  • Attracts nearby shards and collectible items, along with activating traps that are around you.

Sgt Rescue

  • Surrounds your enemies with smoke when you hit them.
  • Releases smoke in a small radius around you that defects the vision of other players.

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