Destiny: XUR Agent of the Nine Items and Location for September 2

XUR Agent of the Nine is back once again with an array of exotic items and upgrade on Destiny servers. The game’s vendor sells items for Strange Coins and Motes of Light.

Bring all your strange coins and motes if light to fulfill your exotic needs. Here’s the list of items available from XUR’s shop.

  • Legacy Engram – Heavy weapon – 31SC
  • Eternal Warrior – Exotic Titan helmet – 13SC
  • Knucklehead Radar – Exotic Hunter helmet – 13SC
  • Obsidian Mind – Exotic Warlock helmet – 13SC
  • The Last Word – Exotic hand cannon – 17SC
  • Three of Coins – 7SC
  • Glass Needle – 3SC

This week players can find XUR at the Tower Hanger. He will leave us for another week on Monday.

You have to admit this is a rather disappointing list of items. Nothing special this week but some may be interesting in The Last Word. XUR Agent of the Nine inventory may improve after the release of Rise of Iron expansion.

The final Destiny expansion is releasing later this year and will bring this saga to a temporary end.  Bungie has gathered plenty of fan feedback which it will use to develop Destiny 2. The sequel is expected to be revealed sometime next year.

We hope to see XUR back for Destiny 2.

Would you like XUR to be back for Destiny 2 or should Bungie introduce an always open in-game store?

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