Destiny Warlock Sunsinger Builds Guide – Support, PvP, PvE

The Sunsinger specialization of the Warlock class is essentially the pyromancer of the game, using the power of Light to burn enemies. This is one of the most fun specializations to play with because of how you can ignite enemies on fire – pyromaniacs will certainly enjoy it.

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Destiny Warlock Sunsinger Builds

This guide will help you understand how to use the Sunsinger effectively in both PvE and PvP through related builds. Note that these builds are subject to change as the game gets updates.

If you wish to share any of your builds, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

Build #1 – PvP Support of the SunClick to View Build
Usually the Support role in Destiny falls to the Titan Defenders, but with the aid of the Light Sunsingers can play their part in offensive support for their allies.

The Solar Grenade along with the Vortex grenade are one of the best DoT grenades in the game, and you’ll be blessed to have access to them early on. These grenades are excellent as denial tools, and those unfortunate enough to be within the effective radius are left burning for additional DoT damage.

Naturally, this is the best grenade choice of the three regardless of what kind of build you’re playing. What’s even better is you can have a second additional grenade thanks to Gift of the Sun.

In PvP, you want maximum movement, and as a Warlock you’ll be wearing less armor than those rock-solid Defenders, so it’s best to have high mobility.

Your Glide should be equipped with Focused Burst for this reason. Not only will it help you escape and infiltrate, it will also allow you to reach your teammates and aid them in their offense.

The trademark of this build isn’t the grenades or Focused Burst though, but your super-move Radiance. In fact, vanilla Radiance doesn’t give your teammates much benefit, but once you manage to get your hands on Song of Flame, you’ll soon notice how everyone sticks close to you.

Song of Flame is an excellent offensive PvP support skill, and will encourage your entire team to play in a tactical manner.

Whenever you initiate Radiance, your teammates should gather around you and take benefit from the massive cool-down reduction it gives. This will allow your entire team to execute a chain of different super-moves.

If you have Defenders in your team, they’ll be able to Ward the squad. If you have a Gunslinger, he/she will be readying the Golden Gun for some one-shot kills. Meanwhile, you could go about and use your powerful and fiery melee skill Scorch.

We’ve taken the Solar Wind upgrade for it as it gives you a lot of offensive supportive qualities; you could push an opponent player into a Vortex field created by a friendly Voidwalker, or shove him inside a Ward of Dawn filled with teammates who are ready to pounce.

The offensive possibility of a simple burn & shove are endless. To add to your opponent’s misery, you’ll also be creating lots of Orbs of Light with your Scorch attacks through Sunburst. This will further keep your teammates’ super moves nicely refreshed to wreak havoc.

Recommended Stats
I’d go with a mix of Strength and Intellect for this one. You’ll need Scorch to generate Orbs of Light and Intellect will obviously help in using Radiance as much as possible.

Build #2 – PvP FlambergeClick to View Build
The Firebolt grenade gets the nod ahead of the Solar grenade because of one simple reason: it’s very easy to use and can also serve the purpose of finding enemies that are hiding behind doorways.

The rest of this build is largely based on dealing damage up close, utilizing the damage boost of Radiance and the power of Scorch. While in Radiance mode, you have access to a melee strike that can be lethal for opponent players, and for that you’ll need to get up close.

Firebolt allows you to surprise opponents, and with Focused Burst you can close in on them quickly and execute a few devastating moves.

This is further helped along the line with Radiant Skin, giving you additional protection against damage, and Scorch will do something similar by giving you a flaming shield. In addition, you’ll also have prolonged Radiance.

Note though that while in Radiance, you’re a walking, moving bullseye target for opponents, so it’s not entirely recommended that you go around recklessly into a group of enemies.

Instead, try to time your Radiance and plan out a thorough method of utilizing its duration. Remember, you belong to the Warlock class, so it’s not exactly your job to deal damage consistently. Instead, your job is to deal damage in insane bursts – do it less frequently but do lots.

Another thing to take note of is the peculiar Angel of Light modifier. Unlike most modifiers, it’s not tied to an ability, but it most certainly is one of the most beneficial (and annoying) skills in the game.

Angel of Light will allow you to suspend yourself in air whenever you aim your weapon. This can really take your opponents by surprise, giving you the unpredictability factor. It’s a fun little thing to have with you when you’re not using Radiance or Scorch.

Recommended Stats
For this build, it’s going to be a mixture of Strength and Intellect once again. You’ll need both for regular bursts of damage in PvP.

Build #3 – PvE Undead PyromancerClick to View Build
In PvE, one of the toughest challenges come in the form of the Nightfall missions. These are very hard to survive, and actually require you to do exactly that to succeed. The Sunsinger in such circumstances is the savior, the undead who lit the flames.

Okay, maybe I’m mixing up an entirely different game here with Destiny through my previous sentence, but the point is that the Fireborn ability is one of the most important factors in succeeding Nightfall missions.

Fireborn ability will allow you to use Radiance after dying. Yes, you’ll basically come back to life in a golden shiny fashion, much like a phoenix rising from its ashes. This will allow you to revive your team during Nightfall missions and get back to shooting at foes.

The rest of the build is focused on the Sunsinger’s signature pyromancy aspect, dealing as much burning damage as possible.

Viking Funeral and Touch of Flame will make sure your enemies burn for long periods of time with Solar grenades, while Brimstone for Scorch will ensure you’re doing plenty of collateral damage by making enemies explode.

The emphasis however is obviously on Fireborn and how it allows your entire team to have an easier time in PvE. You’ll be the pride of your squad, the prized possession and key to glory, so risking yourself won’t be recommended.

For this very reason, it’s best to preserve your Radiance only for resurrection after dying; take use of grenades and Scorch instead.

Recommended Stats
I’ll go with a balanced set of stats for this one, with slight more favor to Intellect to make sure Radiance is available when required.

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