Destiny UI Wins an Annual Design Competition Platinum Award

The User Interface of Destiny has won it a platinum award at Annual Design Competition alongside a spot on the cover of Graphis' Design Annual 2016 book.

Destiny is famed for a lot of things, some good and some bad – mostly good – though one thing that has deserved appreciation all long is the game’s UI. Now, it has that in the form of a _Platinum Award from the Annual Design Competition.

Not just that, the user interface of the game has also won it a spot in Graphis’ Design Annual 2016 book where the game is going to be featured on the cover. Other than that, it will get illustrated in the book alongside screenshots too.

The approach used by Bungie was indeed different with the free cursor being an unexpected feature because it is not something you usually expect in such console games.

Anyhow, here’s how the developers of Destiny pitched their entry for the Platinum Award:

We opted to use a free cursor in the interface. While common on a PC where mice and track pads are predominant, consoles rarely, if ever, employ cursors to browse game interfaces. This allowed us to hide blocks of data on tooltips to free up screen real estate. It also made the browsing of dense inventories require much less effort by eliminating button presses to navigate. Panning around with the cursor also allowed us to open up the interface and allow the compelling 3D assets from the game to have a visual impact on the user.

Even if you are not a geek, you will be able to appreciate the attention to detail that Bungie has given to things both big and small when making Destiny.

Don’t you agree?

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