Bungie Reveals New Destiny Trials Of Osiris Gear, Will Be Available for Rise Of Iron

Bungie is not going to stop releasing new content for its best seller game, Destiny, as the developer has released many expansions for the game since its release. Bungie releases new content for Destiny so frequently that the players are always expecting something new to arrive. Now, Bungie has released new Destiny Trials Of Osiris gear.

Bungie revealed the new gear through its Twitter account, and also confirmed that the same gear will be available for Rise of Iron expansion on 9/20.


The new Destiny Trials Of Osiris gear features an armor set, and this new armor set is cat themed which is keeping in line with Egyptian theme of Trails Of Orisis gear. The helmet features cat like eyes,  there is also a cat shoulder pad on the gauntlets, the cape has a feline look and the cape has cat like ears popping on top of it.

However, it is unclear that this armor set will only be available by going flawless in the trials, as there is an armor set that is only available by going flawless in the trials or by post match on a player’s fifth win. There is also an additional armor that will drop at random after any match in Trails Of Orisis.

Moreover, this new armor set will not be the only to be included in Rise Of Iron Expansion, as this expansion will add a slew of new armor and loot, and like the previous expansions the new loot will be spread across the map.

In related news, July 7th was the Bungie Day, and fans celebrated it with a sidescroller Destiny game. Brenton Whitwell, a Destiny fan, is the one who developed this sidescroller Destiny game, the game is called Project Tiger which is a reference to Destiny’s codename before it was revealed.

What do you think of this new Destiny Trials Of Osiris gear? Let us know in the comments.

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