Destiny: The Taken King Story Missions Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough of Destiny: The Taken King story missions to help you complete all quests in the story.

Destiny: The Taken King DLC brings with it an entire new series of story missions that have you going after Oryx, the Taken King. You’ll be visiting quite a few familiar places, but the new ones – especially the massive Dreadnaught – are just as exciting.

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The Taken King Story Missions Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for all those who wish to complete the DLC’s story missions. It is recommended that you level your character to Level 34 before going through the missions, because although the first set of missions are easy, the later quests tend to get much harder.

Quest 1 – The Coming War

The first quest of The Taken King is set on Phobos, one of Saturn’s moons. It’s a pretty easy quest and almost meant to be a tutorial.

You’ll start off with a cut-scene. Once the mayhem is over (well, not quite yet), head into the base and be greeted with a bazillion dying folks. The game will tell you basic things like how to use your Ghost and all. Once that is done, head inside the Cabal base. Take a look at your surroundings and the weird anit-matter stuff.

Eventually, you’ll come to a circular room with a hologram of Oryx appearing. This is a super-easy boss where you must smash the Psions to win. Once you’ve cleared the room, you’ll have to fight your way out of the base.

It’s fairly straightforward here, and the objective is quite clear. Kill everything that moves and head outside to the ship. The Taken Phalanxes are the only really annoying things here as they knock you with their shields, but apart from that the rest is fairly easy.

Take out the enemies, and reach your ship and leave. You’ll see a few cut-scenes that set the tone of the DLC story-missions. That’s all there is to The Coming War.

Quest 2 – Clyde’s Stash

Before doing this mission, it’s recommended that you take your subclass mission to acquire the new super abilities for your respective class. Once you’ve done so, head to the Tower and talk to Clyde-6 and pick up a new class item.

You’ll need to head to Earth in search for a stealth drive to get past the Dreadnaught ship. Here, kill the Fallen and Taken enemies and walk inside.

Head inside and kill the other Taken, then follow the arrows till you come across a vault door. Kill the Thrall here and move on till you reach an elevator. Ride the elevator up to the top of the Cosmodrome.

Once you’re out of the elevator, head up the nearby stairs all the way to the top till you come across a power box. Hack the box, and the bridge should move into the desire place. Jump across, clear the enemies, and then ascend the ship.

Hop on the platforms and work your way up inside. You’ll eventually have to crouch through some tight spaces here – just make sure you don’t fall down or you’ll have to climb up all over again.

Continue to the path, eliminating any enemy that you come across. Eventually, you’ll reach a glowing lift. Walk into it and take it up to come up in an Arena. This is where the Echo of Crota will appear. This should be a fairly easy fight if you’re well-leveled.

Once the Echo is finished off, you need to find the drive. Walk up to the white instrument and deploy your Ghost there. Once that is done, a cut-scene will trigger, and you’re pretty much done for this quest.

Quest 3 – The Dreadnaught

The Dreadnaught is the biggest new area in The Taken King, and this is where you’ll be heading in this quest.

With the stealth device installed, you’ll now be heading to the Hive’s Dreadnaught in the ship. After the cutscenes, head into the ship. The game will pretend to make things trickier by removing the directional arrow, but this is a fairly simple area, so you shouldn’t have troubles going through it.

Continue onwards, following the emerging lights in the hallway till you come across a door to the right. You’ll see a bridge here, but it’ll vanish. You need to scan the area and bring out your Ghost. This will light up the real bridge, and you can walk across safely now.

After that, you’ll need to head right, then into a corridor on the left. Eliminate the enemies here and go through the hole in the wall. The arrow is back up, and you’ll need to continue until you come across another hidden bridge area.

Repeat the same procedure as before, and cross the bridge to the left. You’ll eventually come across a glowing object embedded in the ground. This is the first of three power chords that you need to destroy to disable the Dreadnaught’s main weapon.

Before shooting at it, make sure to walk up to it and scan twice. After that, you’re free to waste a few bullets on it. Next, you need to track back and head up the reddish walkway. Cross over here and you’ll eventually see the second power chord. Repeat the same steps with this one.

The final power chord is across the bridge towards the chandelier. Turn right and follow the arrow, killing everything in the way. The last power chord is guarded by Tortured Wizards and other adds. Take care of them, then destroy the chord.

Now, you’ll need to follow the instructions given to you and go to secure the Transmat Zone. Keep following the arrow through some tunnels till you finally come across a Hull Breach and see some ships flying into the Dreadnaught.

Eliminate everything here, and once you’ve cleaned the area, drop a beacon on the marker. Before anything else though, you’ll eventually come face-to-face with a Goliath Tank.

Destroy it in the manner you’ve destroyed the other Goliath tanks before, with some shots to its legs and a few rockets. The mission will end after you’ve eliminated the tank.

Quest 4 – Enemy of my Enemy

After completing the third quest, talk to Cayde-6, and then to Zavada. Once you do, you’ll initiate this mission. It starts off in the same exact area where you destroyed the Goliath tank during the Dreadnaught mission.

You need to shoot the Cabal here until eventually the ship’s doors open. Fight your way inside and follow the corridors. Keep going until you find a terminal marked with an arrow on the map. Scan this terminal to gather some useful information regarding Oryx’s whereabouts.

You now need to track the Cabal. Follow the arrow to the sliding door. Beyond this door are quite a few enemies fighting one another.

Join the party and kill everyone, including Primius Tau’um. Once you’ve wasted everything in the room, take a look at the Rupture, then leap backwards and check the statue out. Scan it, and then scan two more in the area.

You’ll eventually be attaceked by a gazillion Thralls and the Echo of Crota that’ll come through the Rupture. Kill everything there is. Sadly, you can’t go through the Rupture, so eliminating the Echo will trigger the end of the mission.

Quest 5 – Lost to Light

After completing Quest 4, talk to Eris Morn, and you’ll eventually be granted this quest. You’re going to our beloved Moon for this mission.

After the cut-scene, you’ll have to head into that same old chamber where the Hive tried to wake Crota’s soul. Kill everything here and follow the arrow. Eventually you’ll reach a familiar arena from Dark Below.

You’ll eventually have an encounter with a pretty mean-looking ogre called Bxx the Gravekeeper. He’s a pushover though, so put as many holes in him as you can till Oryx eventually takes him. Now, you have to grab the shard of crystal in the central part of the arena.

It’s not over yet though, as Baxx appears again, this time with Oryx. This time you have to run out of the chamber and through the corridors, down to the World’s Grave. You’ll be stuck in a new area with some enemies. Take care of them, then grab the floating relic. Walk up to the door to open it.

Fight your way through the various rooms until you come across another locked door. That floating relic is what’s needed to open it up.

You can find more as well – one is on a platform to the right of the entrance, while the other is in a chamber underneath the locked door that can be accessed through a passage on the right side.

The next door after that will require three relics. The first is right in front of you; the second is behind a barrier to the right of the locked door; the third is located on a platform in the center of the room.

Once you’ve acquired all three, open the door, and go up the stairs. Run onto the open Moon terrain and the mission will end.

Quest 6 – The Promethean Code

After completing Lost to Light, go back and talk to Eris Morn. After that, speak to Cayde-6. It’s time to find a better cloaking device for your ship.

You’re heading back to Earth to get some proper stealth gear this time around. This is a fairly small mission. You’ll need to rush through the enemies till you eventually come to Rasputin’s bunker.

Inside his bunker, you’ll find some Taken. Kill them all, then move ahead to the end of the corridor. You’ll come across some Taken Cabal. Take them out and keep moving till you reach the Mines. There are more Cabals here to chew on, so stay trigger-happy and go through the door on the left. Keep fighting through the rooms until you come across Rasputin’s terminal.

This is where the mission gets tough, as there are lots of tough Cabal fights here. If you’re going solo and keep failing, chances are you’re not level 34 yet. Once you do manage to take them out, scan the terminal and the mission should end.

Quest 7 – Last Rites

With Rasputin’s cloaking device, you’ll be able to return to the Moon and fill the crystal with Crota’s soul.

You’ll start off by running across the bridge that you’ll immediately recognize from the Crota’s End Raid. When you are on the other side of the bridge, you’ll automatically cloak.

Walk out onto the bridge to come across some Swordbearers, Wizards, and an Ogre. The entire idea of you being cloaked is to get through such passages without being spotted.

The AI is pretty dumb, but don’t get too close since these folks can smell you (take a shower more often, will you). Pick up the relic here, then run to the bridge and form it. Run straight across the bridge and through the door on the other side.

Head down the corridor here till you reach a hole. Drop down to end up in the area where you kill Crota in the Crota’s End Raid. Run up to the Deathsingers here and grab the essence of Crota’s soul.

Unfortunately, picking up the soul will turn off your cloak, and you’ll have to fight and kill everything here until Eris teleports you out of the area. Once that happens, the mission will end.

Final Quest – Regicide

Yup, it’s the final story mission. It’s time to take Oryx head-on. You’ll be going to the Dreadnaught for this mission. If you haven’t already, make sure you’re level 34 in order to make this final mission relatively easy.

Once you reach the area, run down to the right of the Cabal ship and into the mausoleum. Follow the arrow and head to that Rupture and kill everything that comes out of it. Since you have Crota’s soul, you can now go through the rift.

Once you go through, run up the corridor. The area will light up, and you’ll eventually be attacked by dozens of Taken. Kill them all, taking special care of the annoying Hobgoblins. Once everything apart from you is dead, the doors will open.

Head through the doorway and Oryx will appear. He’ll drop in Ta’aun and that ogre Baxx to fight you. If you’re leveled up well-enough, shooting them in the head a few times should be enough to down them both. Once you do, run through the rift.

Once through, follow the corridor to the chamber. Wait for the bridge here to form, then run across it and go through the doors. Run into the white flame here, and watch the doors open. Head through.

It’s time to fight The Taken King himself. Oryx tends to teleport between three different platforms here. Aim and shoot at his head consistently while also fending off the more annoying adds in the room.

After a certain point, Oryx will teleport you to some misty place. Here, he’ll stay in the mist, being invulnerable to your attacks.

At this point, you can only attack him when he leaves the mist to attack you with his sword. In between such intervals, you’ll just have to kill time by killing adds. The pace of the fight obviously slows down at this point, but with good resilience you should be able to take down Oryx. Eris will appear here.

Return to the Tower, visit the Vanguards and pick up lots of goodies, including a purple primary.

Congrats! You just beat the story mode of The Taken King DLC!

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