Destiny The Taken King Raid Mission Release Date Announced

Destiny The Taken King expansion is coming out on September 15 but King's Fall raid will release on September 18.

Destiny The Taken King is coming on September 15 across all platforms. It contains some exciting new content but on day-one, it will be missing the most wanted feature, raid.

As previously mentioned, King’s Fall raid won’t be a part of the new expansion on day-one. At the time Bungie didn’t say when we’ll get to see King’s Fall, but that has now changed.

During a recent livestream held by the developer, Luke Smith revealed that Destiny The Taken King, King’s Fall raid will release on three days after The Taken King comes out.

Meaning we are looking at a September 18 release date.

King’s Fall raid will put players up against Oryx, the father of Crota. You may remember Crota from another Destiny expansion called The Dark Below.

Crota was introduced as a raid boss in The Dark Below.

As for Oryx, he is the leader of Taken, a new enemy class you’ll face on September 15. Apart from King’s Fall, The Taken King will land you new abilities, new campaign, new locations, new level-cap and much more.

You can pre-order The Taken King on Xbox Live, PSN or third party retailers like Amazon.

Does The Taken King interests you? Or do you think there are enough expansions out already?

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