Destiny The Taken King Locks Vanilla Players; Community Responds

Okay so before you jump the gun on this one – being Destiny The Taken King fan – let me clarify that people who are unhappy about being locked out of content that they have actually paid for, are not less in number. In fact, if you check out the forums you will find they are making up a considerable portion of the posts being made.

That being said, the new expansion reworks some of the original content in the game, packs it with the new content and puts a price tag on the whole of it locking out vanilla players who technically have paid for some of the content in there.

Reaction on this from the community is not a pleasant sight; check out what LoneRonin2012, a user on the Bunige forums had to say on the matter:

I didn’t buy the DLC for Elder Scrolls Online yet, and the total content that was taken away, or that I am locked out of as punishment is NOTHING. That’s right, an actual real MMO did not lock me out of any vanilla content that I paid for in my original $60 purchase.

The whole thread where this is from is full of chants against and in favor of Bungie and pricing model being used with Destiny The Taken King. Some are going as far as saying this is a “pay and play or go away” situation.

There even are some fans who are supposedly looking into legal courses of action that can be taken in the matter of Destiny The Taken King. Just to give you an idea of why this is not restricted to a small number of fans, here’s what the Feedback section on the official forums looks like right now.

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