Destiny Has 20 Million Registered Players, 2B Hours Spent In-Game

Activision Blizzard has revealed its financials for Q2, and the details came with some interesting information. First-off, we know that World Warcraft subscriptions have fallen by 1.5 million. Secondly, Destiny players have spent an insane amount of time playing the game.

Developed by Bungie, Destiny is a huge success and details reveal that it has over 20 million registered players on its servers. No wonder they keep pumping out expansions.

Those 20 million players have spend 2 billion hours in Destiny, at an average of 100 hours each. Moreover, House of Wolves helped boost engagement and the DLC pack had a very high attach rate.

One can only wonder where things will be when The Taken King hits digital stores in a month.

Following are the current top 10 players in Destiny, based on the amount of time they spend in the game:

  • Policemam –  3682 hours (PSN)
  • flaythemall – 3448 hours (PSN)
  • BaltimoreDude – 3294 hours (PSN)
  • Axanars – 3233 hours (PSN)
  • ScanWarp –  3159 hours (PSN)
  • TK2385 –  3065 hours  (XBLA)
  • MarvinKuan – 3009 hours (PSN)
  • GUNSABLAZ1NG – 2987 hours (XBLA)
  • WILL-KILL-YOU-B – 2860 hours (PSN)
  • mrbb2000 2844 – hours (PSN)

Looks like PlayStation is leading from the front when it comes to playtime in Destiny. Exclusive deals are paying-off I assume.

How much time have you spent playing Destiny? If you wish to get a rough idea, follow the link here and provide your ID.

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