Destiny Crucible Players With Bad Connections Might Get Banned by Bungie

It looks like Bungie is going to deal with players who have unstable internet connections by banning them, although temporarily.

While the large player base of Destiny has had a number of issues with the game’s online component, developers have been hard at work trying to get it as smooth as possible. However, they cannot do anything but to ban people from Destiny Crucible if they have constantly instable connections, apparently.

This has popped up on the internet through players who got a warning message from Bungie telling him that his bad internet connection might get him banned from the game.

The message in question reads “this account has a consistently unstable internet connection which is affecting other players. If this continues, the account may be temporarily restricted from the Crucible.”

We checked out the account restrictions and banning policy page of the game and found out that this really is going to happen to you in Destiny Crucible if you have a bad connection! Here’s what Bungie is saying:

Bungie may issue restrictions or bans to accounts that have consistent unstable connections when playing Destiny, as this negatively impacts other players.

It’s pretty simple, really. Nobody, especially not Bungie, wants players to miss out on Destiny. Please don’t ruin the experience for anyone, including yourself.

Now whether Bungie agrees or not, this is certainly something that would be regarded as a bit too much. Not everyone can get their hands on a good internet connection; there could be money problems, service provider issues, infrastructural hurdles and so on.

On top of that, the person who gets restricted from playing Destiny Crucible would have also paid for it back in time. Where does that put him?

In Bungie’s defense, this might just be a warning call that is being sent out just to push players to get a better connection, the developers might not actually act on them.

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