Destiny 2 XP Farming Guide

With the release of New Light, Destiny 2 has removed the traditional leveling system and instead, everyone starts off at the same base level. However, players can still earn XP which goes towards leveling their season pass and artifact. This Destiny 2 XP Farming guide will help you gain tons of experience points quickly so you can boost your character with ease.

Destiny 2 XP Farming Guide

Whether you have Destiny 2 Shadowkeep expansion or not, you will still be able to gain experience points that go towards leveling your character as sort of a prestige system and every time you “level up” you get some rewards.

Campaign and Patrols
Doing Campaign and Patrol missions is the most basic method of earning XP for your character. The campaign requires at most 10 hours to finish and you’ll be extremely leveled up by the end of it. Finishing any type of mission ends up improving your character level and so you can do quests that give higher XP.

There are also vendor and faction quests that require you to perform a checklist of tasks. These include killing enemies in certain locations in certain ways. Finishing these will give you XP.

Other activities like Heroic Public Events, High-Value Targets, and Lost Sectors are also great sources of XP. Try keeping an eye out for Region and planetary chests as well.

Play with someone else
You should try to play with others as much as you can because they are certain season boosters you get via your season pass. The Shared Wisdom buff gives you more experience whenever you do anything that earns you XP.

Try to do this when you’re on the same location as your teammate as it does not seem to work in orbit. If your teammate is close when he takes down an enemy then you will get a share of the XP without really doing anything.

These vary in both difficulty and the amount of XP they offer. Drifter’s Gambit Prime and Reckoning Bounties are the slowest to finish but provide the most XP. Out of all the planetary bounties that you get from vendors, Spider’s give the most amount of XP. Though this amount is considerably less than what you get from other kinds of bounties.

If you’re both on the Moon, grab a bounty from Eris. She has the easiest bounties in the game and a lot of these can be completed at the same time. The XP boosts you get are small but they stack upon themselves.

If you have someone in your team when you turn in a bounty then you’ll get more experience than you would have alone. After this, head over to the Moon’s lost sectors since they have many adds that allow you to complete these bounties in one lost sector run.

Try doing many bounties simultaneously to increase the speed at which you gain XP.

Equip the Right Gear
Having certain equipment and add ons can increase the amount of XP you usually earn. Equip a ghost with guiding light to get an additional 10% bonus to your XP. Collecting Crucible, Drifter, Vanguard, and Eris repeatables is a good idea so use them up as much as you can.

Be an Efficient Killer
This is pretty basic but the more stylishly and efficiently you take down foes, the more XP you’ll be rewarded.  Use adds and supers. Do whatever it takes to get through kills cleanly.

That’s pretty much the key to XP farming: Kill many enemies and do as many bounties as you can