Destiny 2 Titan World Quest Enemy of My Enemy Guide – A Visit to Command, Data Requisition, Report to Sloane, Lighting in the Dark, Chances and Choices, At Full Tower

Destiny 2 World Quests are divided into different sections, each comes with its own challenge. However, by the end of it all, you will have enough XP, loot, and weapons to make it worth your while. There are four World Quests in Destiny 2.

The following Destiny 2 Titan World Quest Guide will discuss one of these four, Enemy of my Enemy. The quest is divided into 6 different stages, the level of difficulty will rise with each stage so bring your best weapons forward.

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Destiny 2 World Quest Guide

Enemy of my Enemy World Quest

Prerequisite: Complete Campaign Mission Utopia.
Objective: Speak with Sloane

Mission 1: A Visit to Command
When you have made the Pacific Arcology rigs safe, it is time to report back to Sloane. Speak with her about the Pockets of Fallen.

Mission 2: Data Requisition
Prerequisite: Complete “A Visit to Command.”
Objective: Chase the Fallen out of a control center

Go to the Southern Edge and remove the Fallen from the control center. Go to the Siren’s Watch and into The Rig. Ignore the enemies in the area and head to the World Quest beacon and activate it. The mission will start from here. Go to the bridge and head to Tidal Anchor. Face the Wretches and Dregs in the control center and access the circular exit into the stairwell.

From the upper gantry inside the stairwell, you can destroy a Warden Servitor. There are two shanks in this location, destroy and move on. Bring down the stairwell to the windowed corridor where Dregs and a Vandal are waiting.

Go to the red-lit connecting junction and go to the control center. Use the console to open the doors and use the Ghost to examine the area. An enemy wave will enter from the sides of the chamber. Keep moving to avoid damage and attack.

The second wave will feature Cursed Thralls so maneuvering will help. You can escape after taking down Acolytes. Head back to the way you came from. Reach the mirrored corridor where 6 more Acolytes are waiting for you. But focus your fire on the Wizard and use the machinery as cover to minimize damage.

Go up the stairs and reach the circular door and scan it. Keep killing the enemies as the door is being hacked. Go down the steps and kill everything you see. Use a grenade for better performance, especially, when the Knights arrive. When Ghost hacks the dash through and prepare for more battle.

Roam around and kill everything to complete the mission.

Mission 3: Report To Sloane
Prerequisite: Complete Data Requisition
Objective: Speak with Sloane about the data

Go back to the command room near the LZ and speak with Sloane.

Mission 4: Lighting The Dark
Prerequisite: Complete Report to Sloane
Objective: Find the methane reactor to end the Arcology’s power shortages.

Go to the quest flag and start looking for the reactor. Head to the two-level computer room on the southwest corner at the main rig platform. Use any of the entrances near the connecting bridge to Solarium. Deal with the Marauders and access the terminal.

Move to the main platform Sector toward another computer room. You can find it near the Sunken Ramp that leads to the blocked bridge entrance at the eastern side of this sector. There are some enemies in this area so kill and reach the circular entrance. Destroy the Shanks and go to the Terminal on the second wall and hack it using your Ghost. Destroy the Shanks to update your objective.

Cross the bridge using a small room and reach the Solarium Sector. Climb the Gantry and face the Dreg behind the damaged LED panel. Reach the Festering Halls forecourt. Prepare for battle!

There are two Hive Ogres, Acolytes, and a Warden Servitor fighting the Fallen. Sneak around if possible in a clockwise direction, hiding behind the scenery to duck behind. Kill the Servitor at the barrier to gain access into the Festering Halls Sector.

Enter the Sunken area to find the Dregs and some Thralls. Kill them all and drop through the hole in the ground in the next corridor. This is a checkpoint area.

Kill the Acolyte and Dregs and use the pedestal console. Retract the energy wall and deal with additional Thralls and Acolytes. Go to the next chamber and locate the energy wall with some Fallen behind it. Use the pedestal console to turn on the reactor. Kill the Fallen Captain to complete the mission.

Mission 5: Chances And Choices
Prerequisite: Complete Lighting the Dark
Objective: Find the methane reactor for Sloane before the Fallen Captain does.

Go to the flag at the Gantry platforms at the broken LED where you previously fought some enemies. Spring through the wall and into the forecourt of Solarium. Here there are some Dregs and Shanks. Sprint to the north and deal with them. Use the pillars as cover but focus on heading into the green-colored entrance to reach the Arboretum Sector.

Here you will face the Fallen Captain who will flee to the botanical chamber but leaves some minions behind for you. Deal with everyone and access the Arboretum Sector.

Reach the pink section and kill the Fallen and damage the Servitor before going for the killing blow. The barrier will be lifted, giving you access to the main hall. Kill the Wizard at the hall entrance and go left to deal with the Vandals.

Thrall Exploders will walk in so make them their priority target. Deal with them and drop into the Pit. Enter the tunnel but beware of the traps. Shoot them as you move forward down the tunnel. Kill the Dregs and head further down the tunnel. Slowly move through this entire section to avoid traps. Destroy the Servitor when you come across it to open the barrier at the end of the tunnel.

Go to the upper mezzanine using the blue and pink light. Reach the open plaza to face a cluster of Exploder Shanks so shoot them as soon as they drop so the entire group explodes. Use the low walls at the top of the stairs for cover and use a grenade against the Vandals, Shanks, and even a Servitor that lurks here.

Use the exit door to reach the mezzanine. Here you will face two Servitors so make them your priority target. When the barrier is lifted, hear down the stairs to face an Elite Servitor with three segments of HP.

Stay near the doorway and side step into cover while keeping your guns aimed at the Servitor. He will use Exploder Shanks to overwhelm you so shoot them as soon as they appear. A final wave of Shanks will appear behind you so watch out.

Once you have dealt with this threat you will find the reactor room. At the lowest point of the mezzanine corridor watch out for Acolytes and Thralls. Stay back and watch what they do before going in to take care of business.

Go inside the reactor room and an Elite Knight will challenge you to a dual. Use your Super and Grenades to damage him. He has an Arc Shield so plan accordingly. Use a weapon with the high-fire rate.

Kill the Elite Knight of the Fallen to complete this part of the mission.

Mission 6: At Full Power
Prerequisite: Complete Chances and Choices
Objective: Return to Sloane with Methane Reactor

Go and Speak with Sloane.

This was our Destiny 2 Titan World Quest guide, head to the comment and let us know if you have any questions.

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