Destiny 2 Weapons Upgrade Coming Soon, Improve Those Exotic Weapons

Bungie has recently announced that Destiny 2 weapons upgrade will soon be coming. Which shall expand on an upgrade feature for those legendary weapons that were introduced in the month of January.

This Destiny 2 Weapons Upgrade will introduce a system that will let you improve exotic weapons. Each of the exotic weapons in the game will be getting its own specific masterwork version, a “catalyst”.

That being said, these new upgrades will do a lot more than just track kills and spawn orbs. Furthermore, these exotic masterworks shall be available for all Destiny 2 players even if do not have the Warmind expansion.

Bungie did not highlight much of the details on this upcoming Destiny 2 Weapons Upgrade system. What we know is that Masterworks will offer bonus stats as well as potential perks for those exotics.

Bungie also did not reveal, whether or not all the exotic weapons will have catalysts available right away. So players will have to check each exotic weapon by inspecting it and if the catalyst slot is available, well then the exotic Masterwork upgrade is also available.

That said, The Destiny 2 Warmind expansion is scheduled to roll out on May 8th across all platforms, alongside the game’s Season 3.

The map for the expansion which includes landing zones and hidden data has also be leaked. So you can also check that out. The Exotic Masterwork weapons will also be launching parallel to the expansion release.

Seems to be that, Bungie has it focus set on making Destiny 2 as good as possible. Leaving aside this expansion and upgrades, Bungie has also hired a YouTuber, who goes by the name Patrick “Holtzmann” Casey.

He will be working with the developers to provide good analysis on various problems the game is going through.

Let’s hope that it works out. That being said, are you excited about the upcoming Destiny 2 Weapons Upgrade system? What are your thoughts on Bungie trying to make improvements to the game? Let us know in the comments below.