Destiny 2 Wavesplitter Weapon Removed for Xbox One and PC Players

The new “Wavesplitter” weapon in Destiny 2 is disabled for PC and Xbox One players, due to its unintended appearance on both platforms. The weapon was only supposed to arrive on PlayStation 4 as a part of the exclusivity deal between Sony and Bungie.

Many players saw this bug as a surprise thus purchased the new weapon from Xur’s supply. Before Bungie discovered the bug and removed it. Afterward, Bungie community manager Cozmo posted an update on the issue via Destiny 2 forums.

We’re investigating an issue where the Sony exclusive weapon Wavesplitter was made available from Xûr on Xbox and PC. We’re currently working on a fix. In the meantime, Xbox and PC players who acquired the weapon will be able to use it. After the fix goes live, they will still have it in their inventories, but will not be able to equip it until this weapon enters the general Exotic loot pool in September 2019.

Players who did purchase Wavesplitter can rest easy as it’s going to be unlocked automatically for you in Septemeber 2019. Other players can purchase Wavesplitter from Xur later and earn it as a drop once it becomes available.

Unfortunately, it’s not the good news everyone expected to hear. Many expected Bungie to admit its mistake but then make the weapon available on all platforms. It’s not possible to do since it would be unfair to Sony who legally has the right to get Wavesplitter for its Destiny 2 player base.

The exclusivity deal has brought various exotic weapons, maps, and strikes to PlayStation 4 months earlier than Xbox One and PC platform. It’s something the players of Destiny 2 are now familiar with. Despite that, this accidental leak can cause a lot of trouble to Bungie.

Mistakes do happen and it’s good to see that the developer is always acting quickly to set things right.

Furthermore, Destiny 2’s latest update version 2.2.1 and 1.34 on PS4 has now arrived. It increases the drop rates throughout the game including for Gambit Prime weapons and the Dreaming City cosmetics. It also revamps some of the game’s character subclasses.

New Exotic weapon Catalysts are also included which are upgrades for old Exotic weapons. Here’s a list of every new Catalyst now available in Nightfall, strikes, and the Crucible mode.

  • Prospector (Nightfall, strikes)
  • Rat King (Nightfall, strikes)
  • Hard Light (Nightfall, strikes)
  • SUROS Regime (Crucible)

That’s not all as the update also includes various quality of life improvements, bug fixes, general Arc changes and more.

Destiny 2 is now available to play on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

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