Destiny 2 Vendors Locations Guide – Where to Find Vendors, All Vendor Types, Items

Destiny 2 Vendors Locations Guide will detail all the Vendors Locations in Destiny 2 and the types of vendors that players will encounter in the game as there are a lot of them and each has its own specialty in items it trades.

Vendors are an important part of the Destiny 2 as they sell items that players will be needing for their journey to get back the Last City on Earth. A majority of vendors can be found in social sectors but, each region has its own vendor.

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Destiny 2 Vendors Locations Guide

Destiny 2 Vendors Locations Guide will detail the locations of all the Vendors in Destiny 2 along with what types of Vendors and the items players can get from the Vendors.

Destiny 2 Vendors Locations

Vendor Types

There are multiple types of Vendors in Destiny 2, each specializing in a certain category and here we will list all the Vendor Types there are in the game along with their function.

Postmasters’ function is almost the same as the name suggest. If you find an item during your exploration or any activity and for some reason, you couldn’t pick it up and it was a Rare quality or better item then visit the Postmasters. Other items such as pre-order bonuses and gifts from Bungie itself are also available through this type of vendor.

Cryptrrach Archivist
Cryptrrachs are the ones that will decode the Engrams that you will bring to them provided that you have the funds required. Cryptrrachs will decode the engrams are will provide you with a random item.

These vendors cover each type of trader in a particular Region and Vendors in Social Sectors. Players can purchase unique equipment from them and can gain Reputation.

These Vendors do as the name implies. Players can gain reputation by bringing them a collection of dismantled weapons and armors. However, Banshee-44 grants more powerful items compared to other Gunsmiths.

There are three Vanguards in Destiny 2: Zavala, Cayde-6, and Ikora Ray. Each of them has their own particular equipment for players to obtain once they gain enough reputation.

Eververse Promotions
This vendor offers new emotes for players and to get them players need to have Silver, an in-game currency which can be bought with real world money.

XUR is somewhat of a mysterious vendor and is the only one of his kind who appears randomly in Public Sectors. XUR sells exotic items and only takes legendary Shards as a form of payment.

Destiny 2 Vendors Locations

Vendors are scattered through the world of Destiny 2 and here we will list all the Destiny 2 Vendors Locations.

Darbi 55-30
Vendor Type: Postmaster
Darbi 55-30 Vendor which is located in The Farm.

Kadi 55-30
Vendor Type: Postmaster
Kadi 55-30 is located in the Tower. However, it is important to note that The Tower unlocks once all the campaign missions are done.

Tess Everis
Vendor Type: Eververse Promoter
Tess Everis is located in The Farm and once the Tower Unlocks she will relocate there.

Tyra Karn
Vendor Type: Cryptarch Archivist
In order to find Tyra Karn players will have to travel to The Farm.

Master Rahool
Vendor Type: Cryptarch Archivist
This Cryptarch Archivist can be found in The Tower.

Suraya Hawthorne
Vendor Type: Farm Overseer
Suraya Hawthorne is located in The Farm and as the Tower unlocks will relocate there.

Lard Shaxx
Vendor Type: Crucible Overseer
Lord Shaxx can be found in both The Farm and The Tower.

Arcite 99-40
Vendor Type: Gunsmith
This gunsmith type vendor can be found in The Farm.

Vendor Type: Gunsmith
Banshee-44 is located in the Tower, which unlocks once the story is done.

Vendor Type: Vanguard (Hunter)
Cayde-6 can be found in both The Farm and The Tower.

Ikora Ray
Vendor Type: Vanguard (Warlock)
This Vanguard is located on both The Farm and the Tower.

Vendor Type: Vanguard (Titan)
Zavala can be found in The Tower and The Farm.

Devrim Key
Vendor Type: Overseer
Devrim Key can be found in Trostland (EDZ)

Vendor Type: Overseer
This vendor is located in Siren’s Watch

Vendor Type: Overseer
This Vendor is located on Exodus Black (Nessus)

Asher Mir
Vendor Type: Overseer
Asher Mir can be located in The Rapture (Io)

Vendor Type: Special
This vendor can be found in any of the four regions and his location varies every week.

Amanda Holliday
Vendor Type: Hangar Overseer
Amanda Holliday can be found on The Tower which unlocks once the story is done.

That is all for our Destiny 2 Vendors Locations Guide with tips on the location for all the vendors and their types.

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