Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Raid Guide

In this Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Raid guide, we will walk you through all the various stages of the latest raid introduced in Season of the Splicer of Destiny 2. We will tell you how to set your Fireteam up and all the challenges you and your friends will face, and how to overcome them.

Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Raid

Destiny 2’s new update brings the Season of the Splicer to the game, and it brings the Vault of Glass raid to the game as well. In this raid, you will face different bosses, including Templar and Atheon. In this guide, we have the complete Vault of Glass raid guide for you.

Forming the Spire
At the start of the Vault of Glass raid, you will first need to form the Spire to enter the Vault. In order to form the Spire, divide your team into three two-player groups. Each group will have to stand on plates that will be in different areas of the map.

During this period, different Vex mobs will spawn who will try to make you get away from the plates. Each group will have to try and keep on the plates until the Spire is charged fully. Once the Spire is fully charged, the Vault of Glass will open, and you will be able to enter.

Trial of Kabr and Coflux/Oracle Encounters
Inside the Vault, there will be a Trial of Kabr secret chest. To reach it, you will have to go through a short section. Inside the Vault, you will also have to encounter Oracles/Conflux and Templar. Inside Templar’s Well, the fights with Conflux and Oracle will take place.

These fights will be straightforward, and you will be able to go through them easily. During the fight with Conflux, your objective will be able to defend the Vex Pylons that spawn during it. After the Conflux encounter, you will face off against Oracles.

Oracles are light blue enemies that will spawn at different areas in the arena. During this fight, three will spawn on the right, three on the left, and one will be in the middle. In this fight, your objective will be to destroy the above spawns.

Templar Boss Encounter
After you deal with Conflux and Oracle, you will have to fight the Templar Boss. The fight begins when someone in your team picks up the relic in the arena. In this fight, your objective will be to destroy the Oracle spawns while the relic holder breaks the shield of the Templar.

The relic holder’s role is the most important in this fight. Once they pick up the relic, the holder will gain new actions, including melee swipe, ground slam, shield, and super bar. Other important roles during the fight include Oracle Killer, who will be the one killing Oracles when they spawn. The rest of the team will just help clear other small enemies in the arena.

When the fight starts, destroy the three Oracles as they spawn. After that, the Templar will begin its Ritual of Negation. During this, the Relic holder should completely charge their super meter. They should melee a few mobs. The relic holder will then use the super to launch a blast that will destroy the Templar’s shield until everyone is in place. This allows the Fireteam to perform DPS.

Gorgon’s Maze
After the Templar is defeated, you will find a chasm that will lead to Gorgon’s Labyrinth. This is a massive cave system with many passageways and secret routes. Gorgons, rare Vex Harpies that can sense you, live there as well.

If they manage to locate a player (even if they are making a lot of noise by sprinting), they will focus their gaze on that person. You can try to pour as much DPS as you can in a few seconds, but the Fireteam is likely to scrub.

It is preferable to follow a player who has memorized the structure because it’s far more difficult to describe it solely through photos. You may also ask Hunters to throw a smoke grenade to temporarily blind anyone.

Gatekeeper Boss Encounter
Once you make it through the Gorgos, you will have to solve another jumping puzzle. Past this, you will have to fight the Gatekeeper. The fight of this objective is to kill the mobs as they spawn and then kill the first Gatekeeper.

The Gatekeeper will drop the relic, and then the outside team will have to clear the mobs while the portal players will have to go through the portal to pick up the Gatekeeper. The portal team members will have to keep swapping the relic around. Kill the Praetorian until six of them are eliminated.

After that, At the wide-open space/plaza, a new conflux will emerge. Defend it against a swarm of Vex rivals, including Wyverns and Praetorian Minotaurs. Enable the relic holder to deal with the Praetorians while the rest of the team takes care of the rest of the mobs. You’ll get another raid/pinnacle drop after you’ve completed the Gatekeeper encounter.

Atheon Boss Fight
Now, the last boss fight of the Vault of Glass will take place against Atheon. It will take place in the same area where you kill the Gatekeeper. When the fight starts, try to stop Atheon’s torch hammer blasts at first, as the weapon will easily two-shot you if you’re out in the open. Simply stay to the sides and clear out any harpies that might appear.

Then Atheon will send three players to either Mars or Venus. The players who have been teleported will announce their new venue. To trigger the teleporter for that spot, one player from the outside team will stand on the pillar on the plate. More Harpy mobs should be cleared by outside players, including Supplicants (exploding Harpies) who can kill you instantly.

Again, kill the Oracles that spawn in different locations. When all 9 Oracles are dead, the whole team will get the Time’s Vengeance buff. This will start the DPS phase of the boss fight. After the first DPS phase ends, Atheon’s health will be drained a lot.

Repeat the teleports, Oracle callouts, and relic cleaning procedure a few more times before Atheon is gone. This will be the end of the Vault of Glass raid in Destiny 2.

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