Upcoming Destiny 2 Update Will Bring Changes To PvE Difficulty As Well As Enemy Shields And More

Bungie has recently laid out the new version of the Destiny 2 development roadmap and one thing is certain, they are not going to let Destiny 2 be forgotten that easily. While we now know that the game will be receiving its next big DLC, Destiny 2 Update followed by multiple other updates will also be coming through.

In the weekly update blog post of the game, details regarding the upcoming Destiny 2 Update were revealed and changes like in the PvE difficulty tuning have been revealed.

The much rumored, Destiny 2 DLC Warmind is scheduled to release on May 8th, which also marks the start of Season 3. According to Bungie, there shall be a lot of updates that shall cover the sandbox as well as the gameplay altogether.

Tomonori Kinoshita, combatants design lead gave some insight on the tuning pass and how it aims to acquire power levels more to be meaningful and effective.

They shall be able to provide the user with an experience that will be very much challenging, at a higher level of activities and finally reinforce matching energy damage in correspondence to the enemy shield.

The incoming or outgoing damage scaling shall increase from 40 power level to 50. Which translates into more tougher enemies and more damage to deal with for the players.

Furthermore, if the enemy is over 50 Power level, it will have a symbol and will be immune to every type of damage. The case is vice versa, for the players as well, if the player is over the 50 power level then he will take down the enemy more easily.

Although Bungie has not given any details on how this will work with the recent PvE damage changes. Hopefully, we will be hearing more on this very soon.

Destiny 2 is a first-person action shooter developed by Bungie and is available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.