Destiny 2 The Vex Trial Adventure Guide – Conflux Trial, Dexterity Trial, Trial Of Power

Destiny 2 The Vex Trial Adventure Guide will help you with this adventure on Nessus and will guide you on how to complete the Conflux Trial, Dexterity Trial, and the Trial of Power.

Adventures has small self-contained missions which are good for grinding for gear and each of them has a special reward. Each adventure is independent of one another. In The Vex Trial adventure, players are required to complete a series of trials in order to be successful.

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Destiny 2 The Vex Trial Adventure Guide

Destiny 2 The Vex Trial Adventure Guide will detail everything that you players require to complete the adventure and the Trials.

Destiny 2 The Vex Trial Adventure

Reward: Ability Unlock

To start this adventure, players must complete the campaign mission Six and then talk to Failsafe and it takes place in The Tangle. As the adventure starts, make your way across the sector towards the area where Hydra usually resides. Access the conflux and protect it against the incoming wave of Goblins, Fanatics, and the odd Minotaur.

Expect and Elite Harpy to join the fun at around 50% completion and players will have to stick around the conflux so that the progression doesn’t stall. With Conflux Trial complete, follow the Wisp through a series of platforms that disappear when you land on them.

Make your way to the higher overhang, and study the platforms. You will notice that small square-shaped platforms disappear and usually have an adjacent one you can land on which also disappears once the previous one reappears. Land on any of the outer platforms and start the Dexterity Trial.

This trial requires you to be patient and jump across platforms as they disappear and reappear. Access the second trial orb and leap across and access the third orb to complete the trial. Now, drop down from the platforms and follow the Wisp to the Vex portal and then through the connecting tunnel into the Chamber of Stone.

Begin The Trial Of Power and vanquish the wave of Vex that appear in the first chamber. Stand your ground by the entrance tunnel and edge of this chamber as the second wave approaches. Once the second wave is done, a barrier recedes, and you will be granted access to the inner chamber and more Vex enemies will attack you.

There will be a lot of Vex attacking you, so don’t hold anything back and once the lesser foes are done take on the Hydra. Once the battle is done, pay your respects one of the Exodus Black crew members and the adventure concludes.

That is all for our Destiny 2 The Vex Trial Adventure Guide with tips on how to complete the Trials.

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