Destiny 2 Stormcaller Warlock Builds Guide – Class Abilities, Grenades, Movement Modes, Paths, Recommended Gear

Destiny 2 Stormcaller Warlock Builds Guide to give you an idea about how you can build your Stormcaller Warlock in the game. In addition to the build and gear recommendation, we have also broken down the entire Stormcaller Warlock Subclass with details on different Grenade Abilities, Class Abilities, Movement Modes, and Paths.

However, before we begin, do note that the build provided below is not set in stone and we would encourage you to mix things up to see what works best for you.

When it comes to classes Bungie has made sure that players can have one that best suits their play style and each of the main three classes have three subclasses and each has different abilities and this Destiny 2 Stormcaller Warlock Builds guide will help you with Stormcaller build for Warlock and will help you with all the abilities and more.

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Destiny 2 Stormcaller Warlock Builds

StromCaller is one of the three subclasses for Warlock and given that each subclass is different, we will help you with the best builds for Stormcaller that suits your play style in our Destiny 2 Stormcaller Warlock Builds guide.

In this Destiny 2 Stormcaller Warlock Builds Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about building your Stormcaller Warlock in the best possible ways.

Destiny 2 – Stormcaller Builds

Stormcaller Warlock in Destiny 2 truly shines when it comes to dealing multi-target damage in the game and there is rarely anyone who can come close to him. The Subclass not only encourages aggressive playstyles but is also incredible when it comes to support.

All in all, Stormcaller Warlock excels when it comes to jumping into the fray. Its Super Ability is called Stormtrance that lets Stormcaller Warlock float across the battlefield while electrocuting and disintegrating enemies. Do note that while it has short range, its damage potential makes up for it.

Grenade Abilities

Arcbolt Grenade
A Grenade that chains bolts of lightning to nearby enemies.

Pulse Grenade
A Grenade that periodically damages enemies inside its explosion radius.

Storm Grenade
A Grenade that calls down a focused lightning storm.

Movement Modes

Strafe Glide
Jump while airborne to activate Glide and start an airborne drift with strong directional control.

Burst Glide
Jump while airborne to activate Glide and start an airborne drift with a strong initial boost of speed.

Balanced Glide
Jump while airborne to activate Glide and start an airborne drift with both moderate speed and directional control.

Class Abilities

Healing Rift
Press and hold the Crouch button to conjure a well of light that continually heals those inside it.

Empowering Rift
Press and hold the Crouch button to conjure a well of light that increases weapon damage for those inside it.

Melee and Ability Enhancements

Attunement of Ions
Chain Lightning
Deliver an electrocuting Arc melee strike at extended range that chains from the struck target to another enemy nearby.

When casting with full Grenade and melee energy, Stormtrance lasts longer and fully restores health.

Arc Web
Enemies damaged by your Grenades chain deadly lightning to nearby enemies.

Ionic Blink
Press the Sprint button to teleport during Stormtrance.

Attunement of the Elements
Gale Force
This electrocuting Melee Ability hits at extended range and recharges your Super, Grenade, and melee energy.

On casting Stormtrance, fire a bolt of lightning into the ground, creating a devastating shockwave under you.

Rising Storm
Your Rift charges faster when allies are near.

Arc Soul
Your Rift now grants you or any ally who uses it an Arc Soul to aid in battle.

Destiny 2 Stormcaller Warlock Builds

Gear Recommendation

  • Armor: Crown of Tempests
  • Weapon: Any
  • Grenade Ability: Storm Grenade or Arcbolt
  • Movement Mode: Any
  • Class Ability: Empowering Rift
  • Path: Lower Path – Gale Force, Landfall, Rising Storm, Arc Soul

How to Play

Similar to our Voidwalker Warlock build, this build primarily revolves around recharging your abilities as quickly as possible with the sole exception of no HP regeneration. While running this build, you will be able to recharge your Super Ability, Grenade Ability, and Melee Ability by simply using your melee. Scoring kills with your Super Abilities and Grenade Abilities will allow you to recharge. However, one important thing that you need to note is that only your Arc Abilities will get recharged – not Rift. However, staying close to your allies will enable you to recharge your Rift at a faster rate. In addition to this, casting Stormtrance will allow you clear enemies on the ground with bolts of lightning.

This is all we have in our Destiny 2 Stormcaller Warlock Builds Guide. Like always, feel free to share comments, questions, and suggestions with us down below!

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