How to Get Destiny 2 Spectral and Manifested Pages

The Festival of the Lost brings with it a slew of eerie bounties in Destiny 2. In order to obtain these rewards, the player must trade in their Spectral and Manifested pages. How do you obtain the Spectral and Manifested Pages in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost? Read on and find out!

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Spectral and Manifested Pages

Trick or treat! In Festival of the Lost, you need to accomplish more than just knocking on enemy doors to receive your Candy.

Completing Normal quests will reward you with a myriad of goodies. In this year, Destiny 2 brings back a new playlist that players can partake in by travelling to the Haunted Sectors.

Let’s start with Spectral Pages first.

How to get Spectral Pages

Spectral pages are rewarded to any player who completes any activity whilst wearing a ‘Festival of the Lost’ mask. So, make sure you have your favorite Guardian mask equipped as you go about your activities.

But now you wonder, how do you get this mask?

Simply speak to Eva Levante who is located in the Tower courtyard. She will issue the ‘Gone but not Forgotten’ quest and the first objective is to attain a mask after which to obtain 3 Spectral pages and 100 Candy.

Doing this quest in its entirety will unlock Haunted Sectors which is very important.

Fortunately, Spectral Pages are a common drop from the aforementioned activities. But if you want an organized list of lucrative activities, here are a few that you can commit to:

  • Strikes
  • Public events
  • Crucible

Each activity will reward you with 3 Spectral pages (rough estimate) per run additionally you will also gain a lot of Candy! Depending on how many enemies you defeat of course.

How to get Manifested Pages

Obtaining Manifested pages requires you to transform your Spectral Pages. Doing so will reward you with unique rewards and lore.

After unlocking this feature, you need to head towards the Haunted Sectors playlist in the Tower. Locate a Summoning Ritual after which just stand in the seemingly innocent looking area until it’s complete!

You thought you would just stand there and get your rewards? No, say hello to the demons you have just summoned.

Defeat the Headless Ones to trigger the transformation of your Spectral pages into a Manifested Page.

With each Headless One eradicated you will earn a Manifest Page. We suggest that its best that you prepare yourself for a long and efficient run. Perhaps with your friends so the grind isn’t as mind numbing.

Once you are satisfied with the number of Manifested Pages in your inventory, retrace your steps to Eva Levante at the tower. You can spend these pages to attain different goodies from the Festival of the Lost roster.

You can also use these pages to fill up the chapters in the Book of the Forgotten. This action will unlock new lore entries but treat these pages like a precious resource. Don’t waste them neither your grind time, be very mindful about where you spend them.

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