Destiny 2 Spark Walkthrough Guide – The Dark Forest, The Traveler’s Shard

Destiny 2 Spark Walkthrough Guide will help you with Spark mission that will take you to the Dark Forest in the search of Traveler’s Shard and secrets shall be revealed in the forest.

This Destiny 2 mission will take players from the Quarantine Sector to the Dark forest in search of answers, however, this is not going to be an easy task and that is where our Destiny 2 Spark Walkthrough Guide comes in.

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Destiny 2 Spark Walkthrough Guide

Destiny 2 Spark Walkthrough Guide will everything there is so that players can easily navigate through The Dark Forest and unearth the Traveler’s secrets in the hopes of defeating the Cabal.

Destiny 2 Spark Walkthrough

Quarantine Sector

Marauders’ Grotto
Super: Not Available; Grenades: Not Available

Make your way down to the road and crouch your way through the barricade. Leap over the gap ahead on the road and you will enter a pitch-black tunnel. You will have to deal with some Fallen as you make your way through so be careful. Drop into the grotto and the Fallen will pounce at you, kill them all, move ahead, and climb the opposite side of the grotto and keep following the tunnel.

Blackened Forest

Abandoned Mine
Super: Not Available; Grenades: Not Available

The tunnel will open up to a mine and you will have to climb the steps to reach the balcony that will be overlooking The Dark Forest.

Crash Site
Super: Not Available; Grenades: Not Available

Drop down from the mine to the forest floor and head downhill and you will reach a small fire. Ahead to the left will be a cabal shift, so head towards the ship. You will encounter more enemies. However, you will be outnumbered but they will not be so tough. Once they are all dead, continue deep into the forest and you will face more enemies as you progress.

Continue around the corner passing the glowing fungi towards a massive tree root. Be careful of the enemies nearby, take care of them and move ahead.

Shard Site
Super: Recommended; Grenades: Not Available

Make your way through the grassy gully while taking care of the Dregs. As you reach the Shard Site the place will be filled with the Fallen, take care of them and the Ghost will tell you to it is time to get your light back and the combat shifts to the final confrontation. Take care of the boss and the Ghost will tell you that it is time to get your light back and step into the light columns that will fill up your Super and use it on the enemies nearby, as at this point they will be unlimited.

Combat will become much easier just make your way using your super on the enemies. There will be columns of Light nearby so do not worry if the supper runs out just stand in one and it will fill up your Super. Once the area is done, you will be transported to the Orbit.

The Dark Forest

Enter The Dark Forest
Super: Optional; Grenades: Optional

A strange power from the Artifact you have recovered will force you to go to the Dark Forest. The Dark Forest is located in the Sludge Sector of the EDZ towards the northern side of the area. Jump up the narrow waterfall, make your way through the narrow, and then through a strange cavern and you will reach to a Taken Portal. Transport through it.

You will land in a strange glade, keep going along with the riverbank, you will come to a statue, and it will tell you more about what you need to know. Find the other three statues in the Forest and they will reveal secrets.

Once you have found the statues and the secrets revealed, enemies will approach, make quick work on them and they will come in waves. Once the lake has cleared, a portal will open and you will enter it and will pop up at the head of an ancient railroad tunnel along with the forest floor. Keep looking for statues, as they will reveal more secrets on your way to the next portal.

Traveler’s Shard
The next portal will take you to a glade full of twisted trees, here are the remains of the Dark Shard present, the enemies are tough, and here is where the action begins. Here you will find more enemy waves and kill them until the objective updates. You will acquire a new sub-class and an influx of foes. Take care of them before leaving using the portal.

After this, you will have to make your way to the next portal to conclude the mission and from here on all you have to do is move ahead while killing foes until you reach the portal. Enter the portal the mission ends.

That is all for our Destiny 2 Spark Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to get to The Dark Forest and locate the Traveler’s Shard.

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