Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Ritual Weapons Guide

Destiny 2 pinnacle weapons provide players with special perks and abilities that help make them more efficient. Ritual weapons are even easier to acquire than those.  They don’t have special perks but are nice novelty items to own. This guide covers every Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Ritual Weapon and how to unlock them.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Ritual Weapons

This Vanguard ritual weapon is a machine gun that can be obtained by talking with Commander Zavala in the Tower. He’ll ask you to do the quest A Loud Racket which requires you to do the following things in strike playlists:

  • Machine Gun Final Blows
  • Solar Final Blows
  • Points Scored in difficult strikes (Nightfalls give the most efficient progress)

Once this is done, you’ll unlock the weapon. The gun has a rapid-fire frame, Feeding Frenzy and Rampage which make it a very ideal machine gun. You can alter the appearance of the weapon to your liking as well.

Randy’s Throwing Knife
Don’t let the title fool you, as this Crucible Ritual Weapon is actually a rifle. You can get it by talking with Lord Shaxx in the Tower and doing the Reconnaissance By Fire quest.  The quest requires you to do the following things in Crucible:

  • Earn 2,100 Glory
  • Scout Rifle Final Blows
  • Enemies Defeated and Medals Earned (Go for Multi-Kills)

Once this is done, you will get the rifle.  It’s in the Scout Rifles tab of your weapons inventory. Its perks include Rapid Hit, Kill Clip, Snapshot and Zen Moment. While the stats don’t look that impressive, the rapid-fire nature of the weapon makes it a solid choice.

Exit Strategy
This Gambit weapon is an SMG.  Go down to the Annex and talk with the Drifter to get the weapon. You’ll have to do the Clean Getaway quest to acquire it. It requires the following:

  • Multikills
  • Earn Medals
  • Earn Points and Send Blockers over

The weapon’s ‘Master of Arms’ perk boosts the damage you deal to foes for a short duration after getting a kill. Other perks include Adaptive Frame, Arrowhead Brake, Ricochet Rounds, Underdog, Threat Detector and Swashbuckler. Overall this SMG packs a pretty good punch.

That wraps up all you need to know about the 3 Ritual weapons in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.