Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Power Leveling Tips, Level Up Fast Guide

You have many different ways of upgrading your Guardian in Destiny 2 and you will have to make use of them if you wish to excel during Shadowkeep. Ideally, you should try to reach at least the Max Level Cap to be in the best shape. This guide lists all the different caps you hit and some Power Leveling Tips to help you in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Power Leveling

The light limit for Destiny 2 is 305 but there are different limits for Shadowkeep. The default Power floor after the New Light update is 750, Soft cap is 900, Power cap is 950 and Pinnacle cap is 960.

All level-ups to 900 will be upgrades to the most powerful items in your inventory or vault. After this only powerful and pinnacle rewards will increase your power.

Leveling artifacts might actually help make the actual power level cap limitless so that you can break the 960 barrier. All non-powerful rewards now drop 3 to 0 points below your highest equippable Power level up from 15 to 20 below.

Getting To 900 Soft Cap Fast
You want to get to the 900 Soft Cap quickly, especially if you’re a world-first raider. When you hit that cap, Prime Engrams will drop to boost you so don’t do the final mission for Eris before you reach that goal.

Spamming tokens when you visit vendors is a very quick way to level up. You can go to the Crucible Vendor, Gunsmith or Shaxx to turn in tokens.

Anytime you redeem these tokens with any of the planetary vendors, you’ll get an Engram with items that are a little bit above your power level. Doing so will boost you higher and higher until you reach 900.

If you have your old Leviathan tokens, you can turn them into Benedict. This is great for getting new armor pieces. The Gunsmith only gives you weapons in exchange for Vanguard tokens.

Getting Tokens
Spamming at vendors is an expensive and wasteful method since you need to have thousands of tokens to level up that much. If you don’t have Tokens, do regional chests on the map such as gold chests.

You can also attempt Lost Sectors or play through the campaign.  Try to go to the tower often to turn in tokens so you can steadily keep progressing.

The Moon
Do go for the chests on the moon if you haven’t leveled up in a while. You don’t have to purely rely on RNG for this method.

These gold chests are easy to find on your map and all of them give you a guaranteed blue item. Even killing enemies on the moon will give you certain unique items that give you big boosts once they’re decrypted.

Dusklight Shards
Visit Spider in the Tangled Shore purchase some dusklight shards. You can buy five at the cost of one legendary shard.

Once you have got them, go talk with Devrim Kay at the EDZ. You can spend them to get some cool gear pieces that will level you up based on the highest power level item in your inventory.

Werner Bounties
If you’ve saved up on bounties to get experience then try to do something with them since their rewards will be capped at 750.

Most bounties won’t help you increase your soft cap but the Werner Bounties should definitely be tended to as they actually will help you level up 900 soft cap.

Seasonal Rankings
These are easy money since you’re guaranteed to get armor during the season to help you carry throughout the soft cap. One of the first things you get is a pair of gauntlets so reclaim them but only when your current gauntlets wear out.

If you have the premium pass, you get a full set of armor that’s great for secondary characters. Avoid turning it in right away.

Once you get to 800 tokens, try not to spend too much as your character might need them. Conserve them from that point and go to the Shadowkeep campaign to get world drops. Random planetary jobs provide drops but are infrequent about it.

The Legendaries drop between 0 and -3 of your power but tokens are slowly increasing your power level to the soft cap of 900. The only way to get above 900 power is through powerful drops such as Nightfall.

Leveling Up to 900+
All world drops become capped at one level when you reach 900 Soft Cap. This seems like a problem but you will also have access to amazing new tiers of gear and old challenges will provide higher rewards. We’ve listed them below.

Tier 1 drops

  • Banshee’s weekly – 8x Gunsmith bounties completed
  • Drifter’s weekly – 8x Gambit/Gambit Prime bounties completed
  • Shaxx’s weekly – 8x Crucible bounties completed
  • Zavala’s weekly – 8x Vanguard bounties completed
  • 3x Vanguard strikes completed
  • 4x Crucible core matches completed
  • 5x Weekly Nightfall completed
  • Flashpoint completion on planet
  • Nightmare Hunts x3 (if you’ve finished the Shadowkeep campaign)
  • Memory pursuit –(if you’ve finished the Shadowkeep campaign)                     

Tier 2 drops

  • Hawthorne’s weekly clan exp
  • 3x Gambit matches completed
  • 3x Gambit Prime matches completed

Just finish some tier 1 weekly challenges to level up.

Pinnacle Gear Drops are the toughest to get since they require more effort and push you to 960 PL.  Their Gear Drops are:

  • Weekly Nightfall 100,000 score
  • Garden of Salvation raid rewards

That’s pretty much all you need to know about leveling up quick in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.