Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Delay Puts New Launch On October 1

One of the biggest advantages of Bungie buying its way free of Activision is that it got to make all of its own decisions in regards to Destiny. Now they’ve proven that they’re willing to do it, as they’ve announced a Destiny 2 Shadowkeep delay. The DLC will launch on October 1.

In their announcement blog about the decision, Bungie said that they realized that both Shadowkeep and New Light would benefit from more time in the oven. Considering Destiny’s past with the games feeling somewhat unfinished (plus they’d previously delayed a patch to avoid crunch), that’s also an important decision.

Bungie said that they didn’t make the decision lightly, especially since many Destiny players want to play the game with their friends, and New Light provides a great way for players to be able to introduce their non-Guardian friends to the game.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep will be marking the start of a new era for the game in the form of Destiny 2: New Light, when Destiny 2 will go free to play with the only purchases required being DLCs that take place after the Forsaken DLC.

Shadowkeep revolves around Guardians returning to the Moon to address a new threat from the Hive, which have been somewhat out of the picture ever since the death of Oryx in the previous game. Multiple hints have been dropping throughout Destiny 2 though that one of Oryx’s sisters, Savathun, was moving in to take over rulership of the Hive.

However, despite the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep delay, Bungie won’t be leaving us in the dark. The currently-running Solstice of Heroes event will be going for an extra three weeks until September 17, and an extra Iron Banner event will also be running during that week.

So, even if the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep delay ends up making us wait several more weeks until we can head back to the Moon, at least Bungie’s not letting us do all that waiting without some extra content to go along with it.

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