Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Dead Ghosts Quests Guide

The secrets that you can uncover in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep are countless and Dead Ghosts are among them which let you gain information about different characters, perspectives, and past events as quests on the Moon.  For starting these quests you have to get something called Lost Ghost Trace.

It might be a little confusing as this is what we use to purchase these Ghost quests from Eris Morn. The ghost will appear after you buy these quests from her. This guide will explain how everything works and how you would be able to find these ghost fragments.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Dead Ghosts Quests

Below we have compiled a list of all the Dead Ghosts you can find on the new playable area, Moon, in Destiny 2.

Lost Ghost Trace
This is a consumable that you can find on the Moon as a random drop from activities. But you will only see these drops after the main storyline is completed. It can also be obtained from chests, killing high-value targets and doing public events, etc.

Futile Search (Anchor of Light)
There is a big building that’s round and is present in the center of the area in Anchor of Light. It has a back entrance and a path to enter from the second floor. Next to the big round chamber, there is a small room, go to it and find the ghost in the right corner lying on the floor.

Echo of the Great Disaster (Archer’s Line)
In the west of the map, there’s this area called Archer’s Line. It is besides the spooky green ravine after the ledge that has a crate on it, be careful while going through here. As it is hidden behind a blind ravine so it is a little hard to find. A little tip to find it is by patrolling the Moon.

First Crota Team’s Fallen  (World’s Grave)
You would have to dig a little deep for this one, quite literally. The path that leads to this Dead Ghost starts from the Temple of Crota, which is kind of obvious given the name of the ghost.

There were some issues with the Destiny 2 server which made it a little hard to find this one. You will find it close to a circular room. This is the same room where the shard of the traveler was discovered and the Phantasm of Omnigul was defeated. The boss room is on the left and the Ghost is to the right through the doorway.

Greatest Sacrifice  (Gatehouse)
You will find this Dead Ghost in The Gatehouse area. In the north of Hellmouth there is a tunnel that can get you here. Once you get there look for the large circular room and inside that circular room is the Ghost right under where the light is coming from.

Adonna’s Quest (Shrine of Oryx)
This Dead Ghost is located in The Shrine of Oryx. To get there you have to go through a cave entrance in Archer’s Line and follow the path that goes through it crossing the Hall of Wisdom you will get to the Shrine of Oryx. There will be a crown-like structure there and on its base is this Dead Ghost.

Dark Dreams (Lunar Battlegrounds)
This one is not that hard to get, and it is located in the Lunar Battlegrounds. After you cross the long red bridge. Over the hill, there are two buildings and in between them is this Ghost. Next to this ghost is a small module and large cylinder which would make it easier to locate.

Together Forever (Circle of Bones)
This one also requires you to dig a little deeper and b deeper I mean the depths of the Moon. The road that you used to get to the Greatest Sacrifice Dead Ghost is the same road that will take you to this one, but you will have to pass through the room and go ahead and find the Circle of bones and then go inside the room in the center and next of a tank is this Ghost.

True Believer (Summoning Pits)
The path to Summoning Pits is through the Circle of bones. There is a metal door through the terrace on the left and on the right, there’s a ledge that has the Dead Ghost next to some rubble.

Misplaced Trust (Hellmouth)
This one is also located in Hellmouth and not that hard to find. There is a long building there that has a hole in it. Below the terrace downstairs is the ghost and to get to it you will have to hop over.

These are the Dead Ghosts that we know of. Let us know if we missed anything. Have fun finding these ghosts

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