Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Tying it All Together Walkthrough

In this guide, we will discuss the complete Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Tying it All Together walkthrough. We will take a look at how to complete this quest, along with how to make an ornament in D2 and use the transmog system. Let’s get started:

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Tying it All Together

You will have to do another quest for Ada after completing the Banshee-44 quest, also known as Armor Synthesis Introduction. To use the Armor Synthesis System in Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer, you have to complete the second quest because the task of this quest is to gather materials for this very purpose. This D2 guide will help you out complete the entirety of the Season of the Splicer Tying it All Together quest.

Only after completing the quest after getting it from Ada, will you be able to make your armor ornaments i.e the transmog system of Destiny 2, by learning to use the Loom. Once you accept the quest, she will give you a Synthweave Strap.

How to make an ornament?

You will use this Synthweave Strap to make an Ornament using a Legendary in Destiny 2. You will have to do these steps to make it:

  1. Go to the screen from where you get vehicles or emotes, or ships called the Appearance Sub screen
  2. Head to details present at the Appearance Customization option
  3. You have to choose the armor piece you want to add the Ornament to
    1. Now the next step is to unlock the Armor Ornament. Again, this will be for the piece of which you want to change the look of

There is no need to equip the armor ornament you made. The whole point was just making an ornament using a Legendary. Now you have to talk to Ada after making the Ornament, and she will give you the Large Spool of Synthstrand.

Bounty from Ada
The next step is purchasing a bounty from Ada. This is very simple as to purchase the bounty, you have to give her the Large Spool of Synthstrand. Then, you can choose which bounty to get from Ada. Finally, finish the bounty you choose and get your rewards!

Convert Synthcord into Synthweave
Use the Loom present in the Tower. Deposit 100 Sleek Synthcord by going to the Loom press and holding the button. You will get Synthweave for this. Talk to Ada after this. Use this Synthstrand to get another bounty.

Second Bounty
Ada wants more Synthstrand, so you will have to get more. The only way to do that is taking out enemies on multiple planets. These enemies will drop Synthstrand upon dying sometimes. After you have killed enough enemies to gather the required amount of Synthstrand, which is 150 pieces, the quest will be completed.

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