Destiny 2 Season of the Lost Week 3 Atlas Skew Locations Guide

Season of the Lost has entered its third week in Destiny 2, and this guide will help you uncover the Week 3 Atlas Skew Locations. Collecting the Atlas Skews is very important these days as everyone is trying to impress the queen.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost Week 3 Atlas Skew Locations

You need to interact with Atlas Skew pillars every week to progress through the Tracing the Stars Quest. This week’s locations will be mentioned below so that you can interact with them without wasting any time.

Near the Rheasilvia Secluded Statue

Once you reach the main temple, look right and start jumping across towards the cliff face. Shimmy along the ledges, and you will see the Atlas skew just ahead.

In the Lower Levels of Rheasilvia

Now, go to the highest bridge in Rheasilvia and then jump to the very bottom. This next atlas skew pillar is located near the Lost Sector, towards the north side.

Near the Rheasilvia Temple

Backtrack a bit to the main temple. You should be able to see this one on some rocks towards the left of the temple entrance.

Harbringer Sidehall Statue

You have to enter the temple now. Go inside and keep heading straight until you reach the large statue. Take a right from there and follow this path to a new area.

You should be able to spot a small building on the right side. The Atlas skew pillar is sitting inside that building.

Ahamkara Skulls

The last Atlas Skew Pillar for Week 3 of Destiny 2 Season of the Lost can be located if you go outside and then pass through the massive white doors near the temple entrance.

You have to make your way to the elevator shaft nearby and drop down. Once you reach the bottom, interact with the last pillar that is sitting on the left side

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