Destiny 2 Season of the Lost Best Weapons Guide

The Season of the Lost brings with it a bountiful collection of armor and exotic weapons fit for your Guardian in Destiny 2. This Destiny 2 Season of the Lost Weapons guide will take you through the list of new weapons available so that you won’t be as ‘Lost’ when attempting to obtain them.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost Best Weapons

With the launch of the Season of the Lost, Destiny 2 players must rally to Mara Sov in the Dreaming City. But to stand any chance of surviving in the Season of the Lost, players must equip the best weapons this DLC has to offer.

Lorentz Driver

This exotic Linear Fusion Rifle deals Void damage, and it is available on tier 1 of the Seasonal pass owners while on tier 35 for free players.

The rifle is equipped with 2 handy perks, one being ‘Lagrangian Sight’, which marks targets for you through an automated targeting system, and your final shot on the marked enemy will generate a telemetry pattern.

Upon picking it up, your Guardian will be awarded bonus ability energy. Most importantly, your weapon damage will be buffed for a long duration if you pick up 3 of these patterns without dying.

The weapon is also equipped with EM Anomaly, where your final precision shot will create an implosion that will pull on nearby enemies, thus damaging them with another detonation.


This weapon is a Legendary Auto Rifle that deals Kinetic damage. Scathelocke has been reissued to the general loot pool of Season of the Lost, allowing you to finally own this Year 1 fan-favorite rifle.

With the aid of adaptive grip, the gun’s handling is top tier, thus feeding into your trigger-happy nature, and it is expected of you! Why? Because every time you reload, your weapon’s damage will be increased, but it depends on the rapid kills made beforehand.

So, load up, point, shoot and repeat!


This legendary shotgun, in all its ultraviolet beauty, deals Kinetic damage. It is introduced within the new Season of the Lost reward pool at tier 30, and it is sure to impress your friends, so get to grinding!

Characterized by its high recoil and high impact shots, this weapon surely packs quite a bit of damage in addition to accuracy on the opening shot causing your firefights to start with a bang!

Be aware that this weapon has Precision Frame causing the pattern of your recoil to be vertical. Therefore adjust your position accordingly.

Chrysura Melo

Chrysura Melo is a Legendary Auto Rifle that deals Energy damage which is available at tier 45 on the Season of the Lost reward pool.

Because of the High Impact Frame, its slow firing weakness is balanced by the increased amounts of damage it deals in battle, especially when you are stationary and aiming down at your enemy.

It is hard not to move everywhere in this game but to utilize this weapon to its fullest potential. You need to take cover and shoot at your enemies at mid-distance.

Also, the Wellspring perk regenerates the ability energy, which not only charges up but divides it amongst all of your uncharged ability allowing you to chase after your kills so you can actively wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Wolftone Draw

Get your best Legolas impressions ready for this legendary combat bow will be introduced with the Season of the Lost activity- Astral Alignment activity.

This combat bow deals Energy damage and, like any other bow, the further you draw it higher will be the damage dealt from your shot.

If your enemy has perhaps died before your shot or if you want to change your position on the battlefield, simply press the reload key to cancel your shot without wasting your draw.

The special characteristic of this bow comes from the perk ‘Dragonfly’ that causes an elemental explosion from your precision kills.

Iota Draconis

Another addition to the Astral Alignment activity thanks to the Season of the Lost, this Legendary, Energy damage-based Fusion rifle is up for grabs for your weapon collection.

Now, due to the High Impact frame perk (1000 charge time), expect it to fire slowly, albeit it deals high amounts of damage, especially when you aim down its sight in a stationary position.

It also holds the Adagio perk, which basically grants the weapon increased damage whilst sacrificing its charge, reload, or firing speed. This effect would last for a brief time period before returning to its original state.

The Comedian (Adept)

A treat for your eyes and your collection, the Comedian is a legendary shotgun that deals Energy damage which is obtained from the Nightfall Gladiator during the Season of the Lost pass.

Unlike its name, this weapon is of no laughing matter when trained at the enemy.

Bearing the Aggressive frame perk, the shotgun hits hard when fired, thus speaking for its high recoil upon impact but don’t expect it to slow you down as its rate of fire will increase with each kill.

If that’s not enough, Adrenaline Junkie Perk causes your final blow from a grenade to not only grant increased damage but handling for a moderate duration.

Pump, point, and pull the trigger to decimate the battlefield with this unstoppable beast in hand.

Canis Major

Finally, a Legendary weapon to feed the power-hungry nature of some guardians. The Canis Major is a majestic Grenade Launcher that deals Power damage.

It is a simple yet raw instrument of destruction with perks that feed into that nature of the weapon.

Rapid Fire Frame makes sure that you keep launching your explosive shots in rapid succession and reload the deep ammo reserves when you run out.

Unrelenting is an amazing ability that suits the tank within you, allowing you to be, simply, unrelenting in battle because each time you cull an enemy. Your health will regenerate, but the cherry on top is that if you exterminate powerful enemies, your health regeneration will be boosted.

This weapon is available through Season of the Lost ritual playlists.

The Hothead (Adept)

Another addition to the Legendary Rocket Launcher category of weapons; the Hothead is a beautiful black and gold Arc Power weapon.

Expect this instrument to weaponize your tantrums, especially with perks like Vorpal Weapon that grants increased damage against bosses, vehicles, and even Guardians with their Super active.

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