Destiny 2 Moon Ascendant Anchor Locations Guide

In Destiny 2 Season of the Lost update, a number of Ascendant Anchor locations have been added to the Moon for players to find. On the Moon, there are a total of 12 Ascendant Anchors to be found, spread around different locations. In this guide, we will list down the Ascendant Anchor locations for you.

Destiny 2 Moon Ascendant Anchor Locations

Below we have listed the locations where you can find the Ascendant Anchors on the Moon.


Of the 12 Ascendant Anchors that are present on the Moon, five are present around the Sanctuary area.

Once you land on the Sanctuary, look around the landing spot for purple beacons and head to them to collect the Ascendant Anchors. There will be 3 Ascendant Anchors in the same vicinity where you land in the Sanctuary.

For the fourth Ascendant Anchor in Sanctuary, head towards Eris Morn, and you will find it on the edge of the road on your right side. For the fifth and final Anchor, go towards Archer’s line. The last Anchor will be on the path just before you enter the zone.

Sorrow’s Harbor

The other 7 Ascendant Anchors are located in and around the Sorrow Harbor area. Two Ascendant Anchors are present in the area where you land in Sorrow’s Harbor. When you land, head straight to find the first Anchor near a rock.

Keep moving ahead to find the second Anchor near some stairs. The third and fourth are also just a bit ahead of the second Anchor.

You will find the fourth Anchor near some stairs as well. For the fifth Ascendant Anchor, go up these stairs. From there, you will be able to see the purple beacon of the fifth Anchor.

Head to it and collect it. From there, head towards the hill to your right to find the sixth Anchor on a bridge. The last Anchor can also be spotted from the bridge, and it will be at some distance from the bridge.

These are all the Moon Ascendant Anchor locations in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost.

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