Destiny 2 Season of the Lost Atlas Skew Locations Guide

Destiny 2’s latest update has brought new missions for the players to play and enjoy. One of the new missions is ‘Tracing the Stars I’, in which you will have to find Atlas Skews, which are scattered around the Dreaming City. In this guide, we will list the locations of all 5 Atlas Skews in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost Atlas Skew Locations

Below we have listed down the location of all 5 Atlas Skews that are present around Dreaming City in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost, during the first part of Tracing the Stars quest.

Keep in mind that Tracing the Stars is a weekly quest so we will be updating the guide frequently should more locations pop up for you to find.

Atlas Skew #1: Drown Bay Alcove

To find this Atlas Skew, head to the Bay of Drowned Wishes, which is the Lost Sector that is present behind the Divalian Mists spawn area. From the entrance, move to the right until you reach the entrance of a cave, where you will find the Atlas Skew.

Atlas Skew #2: Divalian Rheasilvia Lower Cliffside

This Atlas Skew is located in the Cliffside area of Divalian Rheasilvia. You will have to drop down the cliff a bit in order to get to the Atlas Skew and collect it.

Atlas Skew #3: Divalian Cimmerian Central Cave

This Atlas Skew is present in the same area as the 2nd one. Head to the center of Divalian Mists. From there, head a bit east to the blue gate, which goes to Rheasilvia. On your way, you will find a Cave that contains the 3rd Atlas Skew.

Atlas Skew #4: Spine Oracle Orrery

To find this, head to Spine of Keres. Take the road going north of Divalian Mists to reach an ice passage. Cross it to reach a broken road. Keep moving forward to reach a Castle and enter it. Go to the top of the Castle to find the Atlas Skew located between two benches.

Atlas Skew #5: Distant Spine Island Tree

This is the final Atlas Skew to be found. It is located in the same area as the fourth one. Instead of entering the Castle, head to the other side of the bridge and go to the islands. There, use the ‘Tincture of Queensfoil’ consumable (can be found easily as loot around Dreaming City) to make secret passages visible.

Head to the floating islands until you reach the shore on the other side. Keep moving ahead along the shore until you reach the Spine Island Tree, where you will get the final Atlas Skew.

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