Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen War Table Guide

Our Destiny 2 War Table Guide will tell you exactly How to Increase Reputation at War Table in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen. So, let’s begin!

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen War Table

The War Table is located inside The Hub for Emergency Logistics and Maneuvers (HELM) and it grants you access to bounties, mods, and other handsome rewards.

There can be a bounty on completing a battleground, defeating enemies with bows, defeating enemies with melee abilities, etc.

As for the mods and other rewards, you’ll need to increase your reputation at the war table to obtain them.

How to Increase Reputation at the War Table

Completing Seasonal Challenges is how you farm reputation at the War Table.

You can access these challenges by clicking on the Quests Tab in your Director, at the top of the main page.

Each week, you get a series of new Seasonal Challenges to attempt so it means that you’ll have to wait in order to grind all the reputation that you need.

Moreover, not all of these challenges reward you with reputation; some only earn you XP and Bright dust.

For instance, in the 1st week of Season of the Chosen, Contender’s Ascent, Golden Reaper, and the Crash and Coverage challenges are the only ones awarding reputation gains. at the War Table.

So, be sure to check the rewards of the challenges beforehand and save your precious time!

Mods and Rewards

Upon earning reputation at the War Table, you get seasonal engrams and Elemental Well mods.

The way these elemental well mods work is that you pick up an elemental well that provides energy and if that elemental well matches your subclass’s damage type, you’ll be granted energy for all abilities.

Elemental Ordnance and Elemental Charge are two of the Elemental Well mods that you can grab from the War Table.

Elemental Ordnance mod requires you to take down an enemy with a grenade. This causes an elemental well to spawn that matches your subclass’s energy.

On the contrary, Elemental Charge charges you with the Light once you pick up an elemental well. You get two stacks if this elemental well matches your subclass’s damage type.

Other rewards that you can acquire from the War Table are a Vile Quarry emblem and a High Gravitas exotic ship.

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