Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Obelisks Guide

In Destiny 2, there are many challenges for players to complete and earn rewards from them in Season of Dawn. In this guide, we’ll be talking about Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Obelisks, how you can access them and the benefits of activating Obelisks.

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Obelisks

Obelisks are a new addition in Season of Dawn and are quite confusing for new players therefore, let’s start from the beginning. Where exactly are the Obelisks and what’s their purpose.

At the start of your journey to find these Obelisks, you’ll have to interact with Ikora to receive the information about some unexpected events happening on Mercury. This way you’ll be sent there to locate Osiris. You’ll find Osiris in the Sundial Spire on Mercury. Once you find Osiris, he’ll tell you the exact reason why unusual events are taking place on Mercury.

A warmongering race of giant bipedal humanoids called the Cabals have been rewriting history by using his Sundial and interfering in the timeline of Mercury just to defeat the Vanguard in the Red War. Your task is to activate an Obelisk on Tangled Shore and fix the situation on the planet.

How To Use The Obelisks
Complete the two-step quest in the Season of Dawn and activate each obelisk. One by luring enemies into a fight and defeating them; Hive on Mars and Cabal on Tangled Shore, the other is to kill enemies by using your super and abilities. After finishing these steps, you’ll have full access to the obelisk vendor page.

There are also a few other Obelisks located in other playable areas of the game such as Nessus and EDZ but the objective remains the same for them all. Kill enemies nearby, gather light and deposit it to fire up the Obelisk.

What Are Obelisk Resonance Ranks
In Destiny 2, each obelisk is given their individual Resonance Rank. These ranks are increased by using Polarized Fractaline. The total amount required to increase the rank of an Obelisk is 200 Fractiline. Simply pay the amount on the vendor page and rank up the obelisk. (There are 10 ranks for each obelisk).

You can earn more Fractiline by participating in weekly obelisk bounties and eventually earn Gambit and Crucible after reaching Rank 2 of each Obelisk. Be sure to buy these enhancements to level up the rate of Fractiline.

As soon as you increase the Resonance Rank of an Obelisk, you’ll unlock more weapon bounties, enhancements, access to mods, triumphs for the Savior title, along with some rewards in the Sundial

Obelisk Bounties
Bounties are the major source of earning Fractiline and can cost up to a thousand glimmer. These bounties are really hard to handle since they require 90 grenade launcher kills or 45 precision sniper kills on 20 Fallen captains. You can earn one hundred Fractiline a piece by completing two bounties every week.

Obelisk Enhancements
Obelisk Enhancements are similar to Obelisk Bounties. They are bonuses and are given to you as you invest in your Resonance Rank of each Obelisk.

These Enhancements include “Etheric Spiral Extractor and initially, these enhancements increase the rate of planetary materials, Fractaline, the completion rate of Timelost weapon bounties, and the number of available Sundial links. And later on, at level Rank resonance 11, you can even buy the “Signal Strength” Obelisk Enhancement.

This purchasable enhancement can increase the total Obelisks set with The Sundial. Which enables you to pair Tangled Shore and Mars Obelisk all together without wasting any time and money

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