Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals Contact Public Event Guide

The Contact Public Event is something you might’ve come across if you’ve been trying to get your hands on some of the new loot from Umbral Engrams in the Season of Arrivals. In this Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals Contact Public Event guide, we will be showing you how you can make the event heroic, and a general overview of what to expect.

Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals Contact Public Event

The Contact public event can be easily located on Io and Titan; all you need to do is travel to the marked spot on the map after spawning in on Lost Oasis.

Know that you’ll be dealing with a bunch of mobs during this, with each upcoming wave, the number gets increasingly overwhelming, so make sure you’re bringing your A-game.

Should you be approaching this event if you have a power level below 990? Hell no, trust me, you don’t want to get punched around like a ball, or slow your friends down.

Gambit but without the PvP
The Contact event works a lot like Gambit, but you won’t be going around killing any players instead, you will be dealing with mobs for the most part, and depositing the motes you get off of them into the bank, which is located in the middle of the arena.

Know that, the more motes you collect, the greater bonus to the progress percentage you will get once you deposit them.

The best thing to do, if at any point you feel like things are getting a bit too dangerous, is to deposit all the motes you have instead of trying to risk your progress.

Get to a Hundred-Percent!
Throughout the course of the Contact event in Season of Arrivals, you will be getting to a 100 percent a total of four times. Time will be pressurizing you, so make sure you get those motes fast!

With each 100 percent, the number of enemies will increase, and so will the difficulty.

Watch out for blockers as they will try to hinder your progress by preventing you from accessing the bank.

A Barrier and A Champion – Blooms!
“Concentrated Darkness coalesces nearby” when this message shows up; energy lines going over the bank to an area near the event will lead you to a platform that will have a barrier and either an unstoppable or an overload champion.

Take them out and get the Bloom at the center. If you don’t kill the champions in time, they will grab the sphere and head off their merry way with it.

After defeating the champions, take the Bloom to the bank and get a ten percent boost to your progress.

Enemies, however, can get close to the bank and steal your Blooms, which would push back your progress by ten percent.

The Finale
Once you finally reach a hundred percent for the fourth time, Blights will start spawning in; take all of them out and the final boss, Will of Quria will show up.

Unleash all your ultimates and grenades, defeat the boss before the timer runs out.

Make sure to take out any additional blights as they will give the boss immunity from any incoming damage.

The event will finish if either the timer runs out, or you kill the boss.

Heroic Contact Event
To get the heroic version of the Contact Public event, you have to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the Blooms that show up.

If you manage to bank every single one of the Blooms during Contact event, the Heroic version of the event will trigger and you’ll be facing off against a Taken Pyromaster instead of the Will of Quria as we previously discussed.

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