Destiny 2 Sales Fell Short of Expectations at Retail

Destiny 2 sales fell short of expectation, physically. According to the data, sales of the physical version of Destiny 2 fell 50% in the first month compared to the original game. Needless to say, digital sales aren’t included in the data so the overall numbers aren’t conclusive.

Destiny 2 sales fell by 50% in the United States while the number goes to 58% in the UK. While it is hard to pinpoint why the physical sales are down compared 2014, an analyst believes that shutting down the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions brought down the audience quite a bit.

Activision didn’t comment on the physical sales but the publisher did say the following:

The original Destiny became the biggest new console video game franchise launch in history, and Destiny 2 surpassed the original’s records for engagement and digital sales in launch week. The Destiny universe will welcome a new community of players for the first time on PC on October 24th.

Piper Jaffray analyst Michael Olson said that “The launch month of Destiny 2 was well short of the original iteration by a material amount.” But Destiny 2’s digital sales seem to be boosting the company’s revenue and with the release of its PC version on the horizon, digital sales are expected to go through the roof.

The analyst report did cause dip Activision’s stock that came down 2.3% midday. There is also some criticism over the game’s endgame content that is causing a slight backlash after a ridiculous statement from marketing team tried to handle the situation.

Destiny 2 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and will soon release on PC. Pre-orders for the PC version are now live on Blizzard App.

Source: CNBC

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