Destiny 2 Ruins of Wrath Enigmatic Mysteries Guide

The final Shattered Realm in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost is out now. As usual, it has plenty of secrets for you to uncover, including Enigmatic Mysteries, Trivial Mysteries, and Ascendant Anchors. In this Destiny 2 Ruins of Wrath Enigmatic Mysteries guide, we’ll be getting you up to speed with the locations of all the concerned enigmatic mysteries in Season of the Lost.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost Ruins of Wrath Enigmatic Mysteries

Enigmatic Mysteries are basically secrets, with each one attached to a chest scattered around the Shattered Realm: Ruins of Wrath. By collecting the loot in each chest, you’ll solve the Enigmatic Mystery tied to it.

There is a total of two enigmatic mysteries (with an additional third that is acquired by glitching out of the map) in the all-new variant of Shattered Realm: Ruins of Wrath.

Below, we have detailed the location of each one of them. So, let’s begin!

Enigmatic Mystery # 1 – Aloft, Adrift

The first Enigmatic Mystery chest is located in the Outer Islands. From the causeway, head to the staging ground by jumping through the huge floating rock between the two areas.

Proceed forward and move past the first True Sight. A little bit ahead, you’ll see another True Sight right at the edge.

Invoke it to cause a series of platforms to spawn that’ll directly take you to the Outer Islands.

When you land on the Outer Islands, head in the north-eastern direction and invoke the Barrier Breach in order to move past the Awaken barrier.

Finally, move past the barrier in the north-western direction, and you’ll find your desired chest sitting right in front of you.

Enigmatic Mystery # 2 – Eclipsed Cache

This Enigmatic Mystery chest can be found in the Debris Field.

To obtain this Enigmatic Mystery, it’s recommended that you equip perks to increase your sprint speed. Carrying lightweight weapons can also aid in quick movement.

So, your pathway to this chest starts from the location of the Kamacite Coffer trivial mystery chest. Invoke the Barrier Breach right next to it and jump to the upper floor on your right.

Proceed through the cave-like area that’ll lead you to a small opened room, with a True Sight at its center. Invoke the True Sight, and a series of platforms will spawn. Jump across these platforms to reach the topmost area on the right.

The desired chest will be placed in the open, right ahead of you.

Enigmatic Mystery # 3 – Harrowed Hall

This is an additional Enigmatic Mystery that you can solve by glitching out of the map. From the Staging Ground, drop down to the rocks beneath and proceed through them to fall to the Undercroft.

Once inside the area, head to the staging area opposite the dazzling lightning source. Climb your way to the top of the area and then proceed to the room above. At one of its corners, you’ll find the marker of a Barrier Breach.

Invoke the Barrier Breach and head inside the area just to the left of the marker. Keep moving forward until you come across the desired chest.

Note that this is not the intended way of solving this enigmatic mystery. We may be able to figure out the much easier ways as the Season of the Lost further unfolds.