Destiny 2 Revelry Armor Ornaments Guide

Destiny 2 Revelry Event features a new activity called the Verdant Forest that can be completed to acquire new items. These new items include a new unique glowing Armor Ornament for the head. Our Revelry Event Ornaments Guide will help you unlock all of them.

Destiny 2 Revelry Armor Ornaments

For those who haven’t gotten the glimpse of these new Revelry Armor Ornaments from the promotional images and trailer for the Revelry event, they include 3 headsets.

They feature glowing antlers, wings, or ears. Players will boast a different look depending on their class and if they’ve additional armor, the size of the ornament will grow too.

In order to unlock these Revelry Armor Ornaments, you’ll have to collect Reveler’s Essence throughout the event.

The best way to collect the Reveler’s Essence is to go through the Verdant Forest, looting chest on your way, and defeating the 5 bosses at the final area. The chest in the final area has 35 Revelry Essence bounty in it.

You should also pick up the Daily Assignments from Eva Levante. She has 5 Daily Bounties available for you to complete, each of them rewards you with 25 Reveler’s Essence.

This should be a good payout for you! You can complete these bounties while going through the Verdant Forest.

Once you’ve made yourself a good amount of Reveler’s Essence, head back to Eva. You can buy an item called Reveler’s Assortments from Eva.

These costs 75 Reveler’s Essence each and can be opened to give you something random. One of the rewards from these Assortments is the Revelry Armor Ornaments.

Although the chances of getting are slim, this is currently the only way of getting them.

On the bright side, if you don’t end up getting an ornament, there are still a lot of cool stuff you can get from the Assortments like some other gear or Enhancement Cores.

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