Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon Guide

Destiny 2’s new update has brought the Season of Arrivals for the players. It includes a lot of new content including the Prophecy Dungeon, which is available for free to all players. In this guide, we will give a complete walkthrough of Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon.

Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon

The D2 Prophecy Dungeon is accessible to all the players through The Tower. In the beginning, the power of the foes is about 1040 light which goes up to 1060 near the end.

The dungeon includes a number of different encounters, some of which might be difficult. We have explained the different encounters below.

Opening the Doors
At the start of the dungeon, there will be two doors blocking your path. As you clear them, you will be attacked by Taken Thrall and Echos. Near the door, you will also find two columns of either Dark or Light energy.

Your goal is to collect enough motes of the corresponding type so you can deposit them and open the door.

To get motes, kill the Knight Echos you face in the area. Killing an echo in the light will drop light motes and vice versa.

After collecting the motes, return to the glowing doors to deposit the motes. Submit the motes to their corresponding types to complete this encounter.

Kill the Phalanx Echo
This is the first real encounter in this dungeon. You will need to expel two dark and light columns of energy like before just like you did above.

Collect five motes to gain the ability to dispel the energy. After you deposit light or dark motes into the energy, the panels in the arena will shift depending upon the mote type.

After you have dispersed the four columns of Light and Dark energy the boss’ shield will lower and you can damage him. Work together with your teammates in this boss fight.

It will be a close-quarter fight, so use shotguns, grenades and swords to deal him great damage.

Using a Titan bubble or Warlock Well of Radiance will keep your team alive and provide a needed boost in damage.

Defeat this boss to move to the next area of the dungeon.

The Desert
After defeating the Phalanx, you will now arrive in a desert area swarming with Taken enemies.  Your aim will be to find a glowing pin surrounded by Taken enemies.

Go with your team to clear these enemies. This will result in Toland, a white ball of energy to appear above the pink ring and head off in a different direction.

Follow that Toland and repeat the process of killing the Taken enemies and blights. Once you do this a few times you will see a column of energy that will take you to the next encounter.

Solving the Cube
In this encounter, you will be repeating the light and dark mote mechanic. But in this area, you will be running along the walls of a cube.

Your task will be to disperse columns of dark and light energy to six sides of the arena. Here, you will have to dunk the motes on the column where Toland is hovering.

After planting either the dark or light motes in the proper column, the center of the arena will light up. You will be cleansing each side of the six sides of the cube area.

On the rare occasion that Toland is above you, expel the energy in a column along the wall to activate the lift in the center.

Whichever column you deposit five motes into will let you transport to it from the center.

After all the six sides are cleansed, you will be warped into another arena where you will have to fight two mini-bosses.

Take them down and then clear the room of Taken Hobgoblins to complete this encounter.

Desert Part 2 and the Ribbon Road
After obtaining the loot from the cube, you will come back to the desert area. Here, look for a Taken captain nearby. Shoot him and he will start running away. Follow him on your sparrow. Keep following him until he leads you to the Ribbon road area.

After arriving at the Ribbon Road, follow the twisted path until it takes you to a section where a bunch of Taken are present. Use the lift to reach the final encounter.

Defeat the Kell Echo
At the start of the fight, the Kell Echo will spawn in all three corners of the triangle-shaped area along with some other Taken and Knight Echos.

There will be a column of Light or Dark energy in front of Kell Echo that you need to get rid of. Collect the required motes and deposit them in the column near one of the Kell Echos.

After you deposit the first time, he will vanish and a Taken Ogre will spawn. Kill the taken ogre and then repeat the process two times more to enter the damage phase of the fight.

In the damage phase, you will be in a very large room with some floating platforms. The boss will now take damage.

He will continue to warp down the length of the hall along the middle floating platforms.

He will also generate stacks of Dark entropy, and if that reaches 10x, it will kill you.

To remove stacks of Dark Entropy, you need to be close to the boss which is roughly any platform adjacent to the one he’s standing on.

Keep hitting him and removing his entropy multipliers. After your damage phase is over, you will return to the arena, only on a different wall, and start the encounter over again.

Keep repeating the process of cleansing columns of energy to get rid of the three Kell Echos until you can go to the damage phase again.

Eventually, it will end and the Prophecy dungeon will be completed!

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